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Monday September 15 through Wednesday September 17
All shifts began in shutdown.

On Monday, the Beams Division Head revoked permission to operate all of the accelerators except for the Preaccelerator. Before an accelerator can run again each accelerator will have to perform the required safety checks and complete a restart form, which the Division Head must approve. Around 9 AM the power for the MI-8 transfer line from Booster to the Main Injector (MI) was switched to a generator.

On Tuesday morning, the MI LCW system was shut down to begin cleaning the heat exchangers. Around 6 PM a Collider Detector Facility experimenter reported a Kautzky valve that was leaking nitrogen. Cryo technicians came in and repaired the valve.

Those of you lucky enough to have visited Fermilab recently, may have notice the miniature derricks popping up all around the Tevatron (TeV) Ring by the service buildings. No, we haven't discovered oil. The wooden towers have been built over the ventilation shafts for the TeV tunnel. The surveyors will use the shaft openings to establish a line-of-sight into the tunnel to mount a new set of monuments. The last time the tunnel had been measured was when it was built. The physicists would like to know exactly how the tunnel lies so they can understand the relationship of each magnet to the next.

Here is a list of Booster work for the shutdown.

  • Install three collimators and shielding
  • Install EDWA (corrector) magnets in the 400 MeV line
  • Install a new power supply for the EDWA magnets
  • Install two large Bore RF cavities
  • Perform vacuum repairs and other miscellaneous maintenance
  • Perform a major rearrangement of the Long 3 extraction region
  • Complete a vertical alignment of all magnets
  • Install a new damping cavity
  • Replace the MP01 power supply and a new cable header in the tunnel
  • Install vacuum gages (ion and Pirani) around the ring

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