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Applications must include a curriculum vitae, and a selected publication list. In addition we request a two-page proposal describing the major contribution that will be made to the Intensity Frontier during the Fellowship, current compensation, and requested dates of support. All applicants should supply at least two letters of support.

Applications for the current round of awards will be accepted until 25 January 2019. It is anticipated that awards will be given out twice yearly. Applicants should be notified by end of February 2019.

Applications should be made via:
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Fermilab offers Intensity Frontier Fellowships to outstanding researchers in the areas of neutrino physics, muon physics, and other topics in the Intensity Frontier. Fellows will receive funding to allow enhanced participation in Fermilab experimental and data analysis efforts, in relevant areas of particle physics theory, or in future projects. The fellowships provide the ability for researchers to spend significant time at Fermilab, with the goal of expanding and sustaining an intellectual center of excellence within the laboratory.

We seek researchers with a doctorate in particle or nuclear physics who will use the resources available at Fermilab to make a major contribution to the Intensity Frontier in the areas of physics analysis of experiments, development of relevant particle physics theory, or development of future projects. The fellowship provides an outstanding opportunity for young scientists to develop an independent research program.

Successful candidates will be resident at Fermilab for 50 percent or more of the duration of the fellowship.

  • Term: 6 months to 1 year, starting no earlier than May 20, 2019.
  • During the requested award period, candidates must be employed by a U.S. or non-U.S. institution. Retirees and Fermilab employees are not eligible.
  • Renewable to maximum of 2 years, with new proposal.
  • Financial support: up to 50 percent of researcher’s total current compensation, reimbursed to the researcher’s home institution, with remainder of salary paid by researcher’s home institution. Award levels are made consistent with available funding.
  • Awards may include a travel budget to enable regular trips to remote experimental locations when appropriate, and to conferences to present work.
  • A financial plan and a travel plan must be included in the application.
  • Two letters of support must be included in the application.