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Fermilab Layoffs

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Latest Questions & Answers
Posted on April 11, 2008

Layoff Question?
Many employees will have questions about their individual situations in the event they receive layoff notices. At this stage, Fermilab's Human Resources staff lacks the resources to deal with hypothetical individual cases. (Employees who do receive layoff notices will have individual meetings with human resources and benefits specialists to discuss their specific situations.)
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Q: Since Fermilab is laying off staff, why does our Computing Division have 4 IT/Computer Professional openings posted?  Will CD or other divisions have to lay off 4 additional staff members to make budgetary room for 4 potentially external hires?

A: Fermilab is looking very carefully at any openings. There will still be positions that we will post due to the demand for skills that are needed to carry out the mission of the laboratory.  At the same time, divisions and sections are requested to keep their headcounts to a certain number.

Q: If an employee is in phased retirement or works part-time, will the severance pay be based on the part-time salary or the full-time salary?

A: Severance is based on a person's actual base salary. So if a person is part-time (including phased retirement) severance is based on the part-time salary.

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