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This page was last updated on July 11, 2001.

ZOOM news and other recent developments:

July 11, 2001:

ZOOM release 01-07-11 has been rtagged and released

ZOOM Release Note

July 9, 2001:

Instructions for accessing the ZOOM cvs repository are available:

These instructions will be kept on this Web page, below.

May 30, 2001:

ZOOM release 01-05-30 has been rtagged and released

ZOOM Release Note

May 29, 2001: Proposed Enchancement to ErrorLog: Thread Safety

May 2, 2001:

ZOOM release 01-05-02 has been rtagged and released

ZOOM Release Note

April 17, 2001:

ZOOM release 01-04-17 has been rtagged and released

ZOOM Release Note

April 11, 2001:

Walter Brown's talk on C++ Meta< Programming > Concepts and Results

April 4, 2001:

ZOOM release 01-04-04 has been rtagged and released

ZOOM Release Note

April 3, 2001: New ZOOM platforms: KAI 4.0d on Linux, IRIX, SUN

Archive of older news items

How to Access the ZOOM cvs Repository

To obtain read-only access to the ZOOM cvs repository (which allows you to check out and update ZOOM packages):

This provides access even if the local system does not use Kerberos for secure logins.

To obtain write privilege for a specific ZOOM package, which goes via the CVSROOT, please contact the zoom support group.

Write access to the ZOOM repository does require Kerberos.

Summary of latest tagged releases:

To get to the main web documentation page for a package:

As of July 11, 2001:
Package Name Version Namespace Requirements and remarks
Allocator v1.0.2 ---
CLHEP v1.6.10 --- needs Exceptions when built for ZOOM
ErrLogEx 1.5.4 --- needs Exceptions 2.0 or later and ErrorLogger 2.0 or later
ErrorLogger 2.1 zmel needs ZMutility 1.2.3 and ISOcxx 1.1 or later
Exceptions 2.0.3 zmex needs ZMutility 1.3.1 and ISOcxx 1.1 or later
FixedTypes --- (no longer a ZOOM product -- use version in ZMutility instead)
HepTuple v2.0.4 zmht needs ZMutility 1.3.7 or later, Exceptions 1.2.1 or later, ISOcxx 1.1 or later, and CERNLIB for HBook, histo v5_0_3a0 or higher for Histoscope, and/or ROOT v2_26 or higher for ROOT
ISOcxx v1.5.1 zmiso no prerequisites
LinearAlgebra v1.3.14 zmla needs ZMutility v1.2.3 or later
PhysicsVectors v2.0.3 zmpv needs CLHEP 1.6 or later (Vector package) and ZMutility 1.3.1 or later and Exceptions 1.3 or later
SpecialFunctions v1.3 zmsf needs ZMutility 1.5 or later and Exceptions 1.1 or later
STLUtility --- originated from BaBar; deprecated in favor of using ISOcxx
ZMtools v2.0.1 zmtmr
for ZMtimer
for Block, HolderPtr, IteratorFilter
ZMtimer needs ZMutility 1.4 and Exceptions 1.1 or later
ZMutility v2.0 zmfxt
for FixedTypes
no prerequisites
(Note: namespaces indicated are not yet enabled by default.)

Code management information
Package Name CVS Tag Same since Last enhancement of note
Allocator V01-00-02 v1.0.1 12-Sep-2000 initial release (1.0)
CLHEP V01-06-10 v1.6.8 30-May-2001 Faster HepSymMatrix inversion (1.6.8)
ErrlogEx V01-05-04 v1.5.4 27-Feb-2001 Package created, from classes in ZMtools (1.5)
ErrorLogger V02-01-00 v2.1 11-Jul-2000 Multiple thread support
Exceptions V02-00-03 v2.0.3 06-Aug-1999 Cut dependency on ErrorLogger (1.2.8)
HepTuple V02-00-04 v2.0.4 07-Mar-2000 HepFileManager combine() method (1.7.3)
ISOcxx V01-05-01 v1.5.1 27-Feb-2001 NT Distribution and Sun 2.8 Accomodations (1.5)
LinearAlgebra V01-03-14 v1.3.14 16-May-2000 Improved speed on 5x5, 6x6 inverse (1.3.5)
PhysicsVectors V02-00-02 v2.0.2 22-Jan-2001 Merged with CLHEP Vector (2.0)
SpecialFunctions V01-03-00 v1.3 11-Jul-2001 Use gsl 0.8 (1.3)
ZMtools V02-00-01 v1.5.3 27-Feb-2001 ZMxel etc. moved to ErrLogEx (1.5)
ZMutility V02-00-00 v1.6 14-Mar-2000 Coordination with ISOcxx (1.5)

List of ZOOM-supported platforms:

A platform means some combination of specific hardware, operating system, and compiler.

The list of mandated platforms for ZOOM to support is determined by the Run II Computing Steering Committee, and approved requests from the Run II experiments. All ZOOM products at beta release or later should work on all these supported platforms.

Current supported platforms are:

Four platforms were specified initially, all for SGI machines:

As of Dec. 1, 1997, the following x86 PC architecture platforms were added by the Committee:

As of June 1, 1998, the committee has eliminated gcc from the list, at least until some variant properly supports namespaces. The ZOOM products generally still work with gcc as long as ZM_USE_NAMESPACES is not defined and the user makes no use of namespaces.

OSF/1 for the Alpha architecture using the KAI compiler was informally added to this list but no longer is actively being pursued.

ZOOM modules now available:

The following modules have been released for use by production and develpment projects. Information on each is maintained by the indicated person.

Allocator module (Walter Brown)

CLHEP module (Mark Fischler)

CLHEP Random validation (John Marraffino and Mark Fischler)

CLHEP StdHepC++ (Lynn Garren)

ErrLogEx module (Mark Fischler)

ErrorLogger module (Mark Fischler)

Exceptions module (Mark Fischler)

HepTuple module (Philippe Canal)

ISOcxx module (Walter Brown)

LinearAlgebra module (Leo Michelotti)

PhysicsVectors (3- and 4-Vectors) module (Mark Fischler)

SpecialFunctions (GNU Scientific Library) module (John Marafino)

ZMtools module (Walter Brown)

ZMutility module (Walter Brown)

Modules under active development:

Work toward the following modules has begun. Information on each is maintained by the indicated person.

StdHep (Lynn Garren)

Coordination with CLHEP (M. Fischler)

Possible future modules:

The following modules were originally intended at some low level of priority. These are modules which have been at one point identified as possible development targets, but which are for the present not slated for being done:


Particle data book data

Selected ZOOM documents:

Recommendation for Fermilab Physics Class Library document
Original Scope and Standards Document (postscript)
FPCL Coding Standards (postscript)
FPCLTF Contents and Priorities Workshop Report (January 1997 Workshop)
ZOOM paper for CHEP 98 (postscript)
ZOOM paper for CHEP 97 (postscript)
Run II Computing Steering committee: a new charge to guide ZOOM efforts
ZOOM Mini-Workshop (5/6/98) background materials
CLHEP Paper (describing ZOOM coordination) for CHEP 2000 (postscript)
Slides of ZOOM Status Presentation to Run II Steering committee, Feb 29, 2000.
RUN II Software Review (postscript) presented 10/14/97 -- slides and talk content
ZOOM Synopsis (postscript) presented 4/30/97, preparing for PMG review of Run II computing
Progress of Phase I Modules (postscript) presented 4/17/97 for Run II computing committee
CHEP97 (postscript) slides presented at CHEP97 (Berlin) around 4/1/97
LHC ZOOM Talk (postscript) presented at CERN, November, 1996, at LHC/CLHEP workshop
Walter Brown's talk on C++ Meta< Programming > Concepts and Results

ZOOM contact information:

The following distribution e-mail points have been set up:


Mark Fischler,

This ZOOM Home Page is registered as number WP0044 in the Computing Division Documentation and Software database.

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