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ZOOM Package Dependencies

As of July 11, 2003:
Package Name Version Requirements and remarks
Allocator v1.0.2
CLHEP v1.6.10 needs Exceptions when built for ZOOM
ErrLogEx 1.5.4 needs Exceptions 2.0 or later and ErrorLogger 2.0 or later
ErrorLogger 2.1 needs ZMutility 1.2.3 and ISOcxx 1.1 or later
Exceptions 2.0.3 needs ZMutility 1.3.1 and ISOcxx 1.1 or later
FixedTypes (no longer a ZOOM product -- use version in ZMutility instead)
HepTuple v2.0.4 needs ZMutility 1.3.7 or later, Exceptions 1.2.1 or later, ISOcxx 1.1 or later, and CERNLIB for HBook, histo v5_0_3a0 or higher for Histoscope, and/or ROOT v2_26 or higher for ROOT
HistTools v0.1.3 needs HepTuple 1.7.7 or later
ISOcxx v1.5.1 no prerequisites
LinearAlgebra v1.3.14 needs ZMutility v1.2.3 or later
PhysicsVectors v2.0.3 needs CLHEP 1.6 or later (Vector package) and ZMutility 1.3.1 or later and Exceptions 1.3 or later
SpecialFunctions v1.3 needs ZMutility 1.5 or later and Exceptions 1.1 or later and gsl 1.3 or later
STLUtility originated from BaBar; deprecated in favor of using ISOcxx
ValuePtr v2.0
ZMtimer v2.0 ZMtimer needs ZMutility 1.4 and Exceptions 1.1 or later
ZMtools v2.0.1
ZMutility v2.0 no prerequisites

(The versions listed are the versions for which these dependencies were determined. Subsequent versions of each package have the same dependencies. Versions before the listed ones may have had different dependencies.)


Mark Fischler,

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