Release Notice for ZOOM Release 00-09-12

We are trying something new here:
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  2. We are starting to "number" the ZOOM releases, according to their announced release date. This is Release 00-09-12.

Packages significantly modified in this release:

Other packages modified in this release:

Sep 12, 2000:

The following release was announced September 12, 2000:

Allocator New package v1.0; cvs rtag V01-00-00

ErrorLogger v1.5; cvs rtag V01-05-00

    Major code cleanup.
    New Features in release:
      Eliminated static globals.
        Static globals in a library routine are bad. We have eliminated all possible order-of-statics initializtion gotchas.
      ELcout feature excised.
        This feature, which had been there for convenience in early transitions, was not being used, and users pointed out problems in principle with using it.
      Removed use of pimpl algorithm.
        The trick of using a pointer to all the implementation details - even those that must be in a header - to allow a class to change without forcing user re-compilations, was proving more of a burden than a boon.
      Modified message used when an error is logged before destinations were established.
        An ELoutput(cerr) is created, so this problem is not cause for panic.
      Prevent messages from being logged at ELhighestSeverity.
        ELhighestSeverity is there so that the framework can set thresholds (e.g., an abort threshold) higher than any user-produced error message can trigger.
      Support a destination filtering messges by module name.
      When an abort is done, abort() is used, to force a dump, instead of exit().
      Fix order-of-static-destructors flaw.
      ZMutility v1.2.3 or higher
      ISOcxx v1.1 or higher

HepTuple v1.6.22 cvs rtag V01-06-22

    New Features in release:
      Make HepTuple work using release 2.25 of ROOT as the file manager.
      Raise the requested block quote (for columnwise Ntuples) to 65000.
        This allows you to write as big an Ntuple as the current HBOOK will allow.
      Adapt to work on gcc 2.95-2 and on Sun platforms.
      Fix bug that was prevent users from writing output files into arbitrary directories.
      Eliminate code flaws that were generating warnings under KAI 4.0.
      Fix typo in documentation of HepHist1D, and augment other documentation.
      ZMutility v1.3.7 or higher
      Exceptions v1.2.1 or higher
      ISOcxx v1.1 or higher
      • Cernlib library must be linked in for HBOOK
      • histo v5_0_3a0 or higher for histoscope
      • root v2_23_00 or higher (including 2_25_00) for ROOT
      There is a bug in HBOOK with regard to columns of doubles in N-tuples:
        These are NOT portable among platforms with different endian-ness (SGI vs Intel/Dec). This inconvenience will NOT be present with the Histoscope manager.
      It is currently impractical to do static instantiation of nTuple and histogram objects.
      HBOOK Columwise Ntuples are restricted to 50 variables.
        HBOOK itself does not handle columnwise Ntuples with more than 50 variables in a block. A good workaround is to have multiple blocks; each may have up to 50 variables.
    Coming soon:
    • Histogram arrays web documentation.
    • Ntuple for the Root filemanager documentation.

ISOcxx v1.2.1; cvs rtag V01-02-01

CLHEP v1.5.17, cvs rtag V01-05-17

      Added examples and other features that got into the cvs repository at CERN just after CLHEP 1.5 was released.
    Repaired features in release:
      Corrected operator== bug in Matrix.
        S. Snyder had discovered that GenMatrix::operator== used incorrect indexing; this was repaired.
      Eliminated flaws leading to warnings in Random package.
      • Implicit conversoin of double to float.
      • Missing return statement in a test program.
      • Order-of-initialization issues uncovered when a constructor in a .icc file was tested on a system that warns about these.
    Backward incompatibiliites:
      HepAList and the Combinations package are deprecated and will go away in the next offical CLHEP release.

Exceptions v1.3.21; cvs rtag V01-03-21

    New features in release:
      Abort logic:
        Modify code that used when a ZMexception is severe enough (and not handled) to cause an abort. As was suggested by users in the ErrorLogger package, the appropriate call to stop processing in such circumstances is abort(), which causes a dump, rather than exit().

PhysicsVectors v1.2.11; cvs rtag V01-02-11

    New features in release:
      Inserted using statements in tests
        Necessary to enables tests in builds where namespace is in effect.
    Coming soon:
      The PhyiscsVectors capabilities are being merged into the CLHEP Vector classes.
      • This will allow code to use (for example) Hep3Vector and also get the features of SpaceVector.
      • For compatibility with existing code, the ZOOM PhysicsVectors package will remain, but will have mostly forwarding headers which define and namespace the appropriate original ZOOM names.
      • The Hep3Vector and HepLorentzVector classes have already been merged with SpaceVector and LorentzVector, respectively. This code will go into the ZOOM cvs for CLHEP after this release is cut. The merged package will be released after the remaining Rotation and LorrentzTrasformation classes are done, and tests of the ZOOM features have been applied.

ZMtools v1.4.16; cvs rtag V01-04-16

      Add member functions front() and back().
      Add free function swap().
      • Modify action when an exception causes a job to abort, to call abort() rahter than

ZMutility v1.6; cvs rtag V01-06-00

    New Features:
      Recognize generic IRIX6, IRIX6_2, IRIX6_5.

As of 9/12/2000, the following rtags of ZOOM products exist:

Package Tag Version Unchanged Since Last Significant Change
Allocator V01-00-00 v1.0 v1.0 v1.0
CLHEP V01-05-17 v1.5.17 v1.5.17 v1.5
ErrorLogger V01-05-00 v1.5 v1.5 v1.5
Exceptions V01-03-21 v1.3.21 v1.3.21 v1.2.8
HepTuple V01-06-22 v1.6.22 v1.6.22 v1.6
ISOcxx V01-02-00 v1.2 v1.2 v1.2
LinearAlgebra V01-03-11 v1.3.11 v1.3.5 v1.3.5
PhysicsVectors V01-02-11 v1.2.11 v1.2.11 v1.1.7
SIunits V01-00-01 v1.0.1 (KITS) v1.0.1 v1.0.1
ZMtools V01-04-16 v1.4.16 v1.4.16 v1.4
ZMutility V01-06-00 v1.6 v1.6 v1.5

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