ZOOM ValuePtr Package Release Notes

Fermilab Physics Class Library Task Force
Marcc Paterno (paterno@fnal.gov)


ValuePtr v2.0; cvs rtag V02-00-00

Release Notes Prior to Separation from ZMtools


ZMtools v2.0.3; cvs rtag V02-00-03

Apr 16, 2001:

The following release was announced April 16, 2001:

ZMtools v1.5.3; cvs rtag V01-05-03

ZMtools v1.4.16; cvs rtag V01-04-16

May 16, 2000:

The following release was announced May 16, 2000:

ZMtools: Two new tools: Graded Asserts and HolderPtr.

ZMtools v1.4, cvs rtag V01-04-00

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