ZOOM MiniWorkshop


ZOOM MiniWorkshop

May 6, 1998 FCC2

  • Agenda

  • Status and Schedules of ZOOM Packages

  • Assessment of ZOOM progress against the January 1997 workshop directives

  • Summary of Recent Solicited User Input

  • Comparisons of ZOOM and CLHEP parallel packages

  • Distributed Package Documentation (from web) PhysicsVectors FixedTypes Exceptions ZMtimer


    Date:  May 6, 1998 1PM - 5PM
    Place: FCC2
    As some background, the proposed mini-workshop is to:
    - revalidate the need for some of the packages ZOOM is doing or intends to do
    - examine, re-prioritize, extend and/or purge the list from January workshop
    - gather, from each experiment, potential contributions of common code
    - hear about ZOOM's status and schedule for deliveries
      1 - Status Information: 1:00 PM  
    	Recap of content of January workshop report
    	Status and schedule of items that have become ZOOM sub-projects
    	Status of other related efforts including CLHEP improvements 
    	Items which may have become inappropriate for ZOOM to attack
      2 - Information on current needs and resources: 1:45 PM 
    	Information from experiment representatives about current needs
    	Summary of solicited grass-roots specific-needs input 
    	Information on potential contributions of common code from experiments
    	Steering Committee statements and opinions about needs and priorities 
    	Issues of scope and cross-product coordination
    	Beams Division perspective
      2:45 PM - Brief break
      3 - Needs, relative priorities, and strategies: 3:00 PM 
    	Discussion of needs, and relative importance
      	Suggestions of approaches and strategies to various needs
    	Proposed places where acquisition is indicated
    	Suggestions for beneficial cooperative opportunities
    	Time scales and urgencies of various needed products
      4 - Formulation of plan: 3:45 PM  
    	Highlighting key projects 
    	Elimination of no-go's (purge) 
    	Assignment of relative priorities for short and intermediate term
    	Allocation of resources amongst development, collaboration,
    					acquisition, and support
      5 - Brief Steering Committee exceutive session:  4:40 PM
        	Validating plan, starting from plan formulated in part 4