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Items marked with a red ball either:
Possible Change in Interim Compiler Recommendations
People at FNAL and elsewhere have learned that (contrary to our implicit assumption) the g++ complier behavior with regard to feature compliance and correctness in understanding syntax is different on different platforms. Because of this we may be changing our interim recommendations. This issue will be discussed at the working group meeting on 2/13/97, and the revised reommendation (if any) will be placed on the Web shortly thereafter.
A bug in the SGI version only of the GNU C++ compiler was discovered, preventing proper pass-through handling of exceptions. Scott Snyder has created a patch that repairs this (which has been sent to the Free Software Foundation), and Marc Mengel has put the patch into a distribution of a new, local version of the gcc compiler. Contact Marc Mengel to obtain the working compiler if you are using exceptions and running on an SGI platform.

Requests For Comments

Information may be brought to the attention of the committee by sending e-mail (or clicking one of these automated mailer buttons) to:

The C++ Working Group, plus divsion management, at

A wider distribution, directed at the the C++ Working Group and spectators, at

Use this to request inclusion on that list of spectators.

The following categories of comments are particularly solicited at this time:

Comments about the C++ Compiler Standards document.

Comments about the Interim C++ Compiler/Feature Usage document.

Users with particular concerns about conformance of compilers with particular ANSI features ("does the exception handling really handle destructors properly") should convey those to the working group. These may lead to new items incorporated into the compliance test suite.

Any information about mis-behavior of particular compilers (including gross inefficiency when particular features are used) and any information about useful or inadequate debuggers is appreciated.

Released Documents

List of Reports and actions which will constitute the output of this working group.

Among these, some key completed documents are:

Charge of C++ Working Group from parent Run2 Computing Committee.

Fermilab Physics Class Library Task Force: The recommendation for forming such a group.

Interim C++ Compiler/Feature Usage Recommendations for Early Run 2 Development.

C++ Compiler Standards Document.

Tips and guidance documents:

Periodically Updated Information

ANSI C++ test conformance information .

Documents in Preparation

The Working Group will be preparing a series of short (a few pages) guidance documents, on the following topics. (These are the "tips and guidance documents" which will be listed above as they become completed.)

It is likely that these will become part of the final compiler/feature usage document, but they should have an independant existence since a user is more likely to absorb a few-page, bulletted guide than a book or a long report.

Information Interchange Area for Committee and Working Group

This Web Page is now in operation. Any committee members are asked to please send appropriate miscellaneous information (or locations of that information) to a distribution point for the Working Group for inclusion of links from this page.

Fermilab Physics Class Library Task Force--- Preliminary thoughts and organizational matters.

This working group is under the auspices of the Fermilab Run 2 Computing Strategy Committee.

This page was prepared by Mark Fischler and Marc Mengel.

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