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UPS, UPD and UPP v4
Complete Guide and Reference Manual
Document number: GG0014
Release 2.1,
April 3, 2002

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The redesign and redevelopment of UPS and its companion products in preparation for Fermilab’s Run II involved a substantial commitment of resources from the Computing Division in 1997-98. Special thanks to Don Petravick (HPPC), Ruth Pordes (OLS), and Dane Skow (OSS) for providing talented and motivated members of their groups to accomplish this task. Since the initial release of UPS/UPD v4 in 1998, development has been continuing, and we are at version v4_6 as of the last update of the manual (April 2002).

The redevelopment effort was led by Eileen Berman. With her, the principal designers and developers of UPS/UPD v4 included David Fagan, Marc Mengel, Lars Rasmussen and Margaret Votava. Other contributors to the new design included Lauri Loebel Carpenter, Rob Harris, Alan Jonckheere, Art Kreymer, Liz Sexton-Kennedy. Other contributors to the coding effort included Chuck Debaun, Paul Russo and Don Walsh.

Contributors in the areas of code review, testing, documentation review and deployment included Lauri Loebel Carpenter, Chuck Debaun, Lisa Giacchetti, Alan Jonckheere, Art Kreymer, Liz Sexton-Kennedy, Mike Stolz, Don Walsh and Gordon Watts, in addition to the development team. Special thanks go to Marc Mengel and Margaret Votava for contributing all the updated UPD and UPP information included in the first release of this manual for UPS/UPD v4.

Wayne Baisley and Marc Mengel have been responsible for on-going support and development of UPS/UPD, and thanks go to them for providing quite a bit of updated information for the June 2000 release of the manual. Thanks are also due to Wayne and Marc as well as to Joy Hathaway, Lauri Loebel Carpenter and Cindy Wike for reviewing portions of the documentation and providing feedback. For the April 2002 release of this manual, Marc Mengel provided updated information.

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