Fermilab CD logo Complete Guide and Reference Manual for UPS and UPD

Chapter Contents

  Part II Product Installer's Guide

Part II Product Installer's Guide

Chapter 4: Product Installation Basics

This chapter provides general information about installing products including the three ways to install UPS products (UPD, tar and FTP) and how to determine where to install products on your system.

Chapter 5: Finding Information about Products using UPD

This chapter discusses finding information about products on a distribution node, in particular:

Chapter 6: Installing Products Using UPD

This chapter guides you through installing products from a UPS/UPD product distribution node using the UPD command upd install.

Chapter 7: Installing Products Using tar

This chapter describes how to use tar to install products.

Chapter 8: Installing Products using FTP

This chapter describes how to download a product using FTP, install it, and declare it to a local UPS database.

Chapter 9: Product Installation: Special Cases

This chapter provides product installation information about specific cases. It discusses:

Chapter 10: Troubleshooting UPS Product Installations

This chapter provides a few hints if things don't seem to work after installing a product.


Last revised on May 2014