Fermilab CD logo Complete Guide and Reference Manual for UPS and UPD

Part IV Product Developer's Guide

Chapter 16: UPS Product Development: General Considerations

This chapter discusses the UPS product development methodology and tools that can be used in product development. It also provides recommendations for organizing your local product development area and the individual product root directories you will need to create.

Chapter 17: Building UPS Products

In this chapter we describe the steps you need to take in order to prepare a product for inclusion into the UPS framework and then to prepare it for distribution. We go through the steps for a simple case, then discuss the additional steps that may be required in more complex situations. Some sample auxiliary files are provided at the end.

Chapter 18: Making Products Available For Distribution

This chapter describes the processes of adding, updating, deleting and "cloning" product instances or components on a product distribution system. Information on creating tar files, using Fermilab CVS repositories and announcing products is also provided.

Chapter 19: Obsolete

Chapter 20: Checklist for Building and Distributing Products

In this chapter we summarize the steps for preparing to build a product, building it and distributing it. We include information about making the appropriate announcements when a new or upgraded product is available.


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