Tune IT Up

From Fermilab Today, April 14, 2010

Configure your e-mail to ensure security


The Tune IT Up team has taken on its final task in improving laboratory cyber security: Ensuring secure e-mail use. The campaign will achieve this goal in two steps.

First, between today and Wednesday, May 5, those who use IMAP e-mail may need to alter the configuration of their e-mail clients in order to make certain communication is secure.

If you use an e-mail client such as Outlook or Entourage to access your IMAP e-mail account, you should configure it to use Transport Layer Security or Secure Sockets Layer. These programs ensure e-mail privacy by encrypting your password before sending it to the IMAP server to let you sign in. Changing your configuration usually takes less than 10 minutes.

Instructions for altering multiple e-mail client systems are available here.

If you access your IMAP e-mail through the Web, your access is already secure.

Please contact the Service Desk at x2345 with any questions or visit the Password Doctor booth during lunch hours in the Wilson Hall atrium between April 28 and May 5.

The second step will begin Thursday, May 6. From that date forward, IMAP users will be able to log into their accounts using their Services Account password. Fermilab employees already use this password to access the Fermilab Time & Labor Reporting system and to open Service Desk tickets. This will reduce the number of passwords Fermilab employees and users need to use. The Computing Division will disable IMAP passwords on Thursday, May 20. After that date, all employees and users must use their Services Account passwords to access IMAP e-mail.

Please contact the Service Desk at x2345 or visit the Password Doctor booth for help obtaining a Services Account password.

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