Tune IT Up

From Fermilab Today, July 31, 2009

Tune IT Up services account reminder, help for Mac users


From now on, all employees need a services account password to access the Fermilab Time and Labor electronic reporting system. You can activate your account through this Web page.

Volunteers at the Password Doctor kiosk in the atrium of Wilson Hall will activate services accounts at lunch today. Service Desk agents are also available every day to help set passwords at the Service Desk during normal business hours. You can call them at x2345 or personally visit the Service Desk, which is located in Wilson Hall on the ground floor across from Argonne Credit Union. Please bring a Fermilab I.D. with you to the kiosk or Service Desk.

Mac and Linux users have had difficulty setting up services account passwords. The easiest way to address this problem is to have Service Desk agents or the volunteers at the Password Doctor kiosk help you set up your password for you.

Otherwise, if you have trouble using the self-service tool on your Mac or with you Linux operating system, please call the Service Desk at x2345. They will issue you a password for one-time use. You can use this temporary password to set up your new password through this Web page.

If you are a particularly tech-savvy Mac or Linux user, you might also try using the advice at this site to set up a certificate that will allow you to set up the password yourself here.

Your services account password will eventually grant you access to multiple additional applications, including Fermilab e-mail service, Meeting Maker, VPN and Fermilab instant messaging.

You can already use the Fermilab services account password for the Exchange e-mail service and the Fermilab Service Desk.

You also need this password to access the Tune IT Up Assessment, which is available on the Tune IT Up Web page.

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