Fermilab Today Archive 2013

Friday, June 28

  • Special Announcement: All-hands meeting with Nigel Lockyer - today at 9:30 a.m.
  • Frontier Science Result: CMS: Supersymmetric glue
  • From symmetry: 50-foot physics experiment on the move
  • Photo of the Day: Swallows swell with song
  • From The Guardian, June 25, 2013: A precision U.S. particle physics experiment is moving home
  • From Space.com, June 26, 2013: 'Nuclear pasta' in neutron stars: new type of matter found

Thursday, June 27

  • Wellness Feature of the Month: July wellness offerings, fitness classes and discounts
  • Frontier Science Result: DZero: Evidence of truth and beauty production
  • In Brief: Sitewide domestic water flush—June 29-30
  • In Brief: Put your financial knowledge to the test
  • Photo of the Day: Flying over Fermilab
  • From Scientific American, June 24, 2013: Particle pals: neutrino experiment shows protons and neutrons pairing up
  • From Talk of the Nation, June 21, 2013: Physicists find new particle, look for answers

Wednesday, June 26

  • From symmetry: Around the U.S. in 17 labs
  • From the Particle Physics Division: The big move
  • Graduate Profile: Michelle Prewitt
  • Photos of the Day: Looking down the detector
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, June 25
  • From Physics World, June 18, 2013: 'Charged charmonium' confounds particle physicists

Tuesday, June 25

  • Fermilab physicist Skypes with Pittsburgh classroom
  • Director's Corner: Thanks for eight great years
  • Video of the Day: And there was much rejoicing
  • Photos of the Day: 2013 Fermilab Users Meeting
  • In Brief: Project X Book released
  • Special Announcement: DASTOW posters available in Wilson Hall atrium
  • From Popular Mechanics, June 18, 2013: Moving a $25 million magnet without moving it an inch
  • From Chicago Daily Herald, June 21, 2013: Fermilab picks new director
  • From the U.S. Department of State, June 24, 2013: U.S.-India joint fact sheet: A remarkable expansion of U.S.-India cooperation on science & technology

Monday, June 24

  • Profile: One minute with Curtis Danner, technical supervisor
  • Tip of the Week: Ecology and Environment: Fermilab: where physics meets ecology
  • Photo of the Day: Panoramic view of Feynman
  • Milestone: New employees - June
  • Accelerator Update: Accelerator update, June 21, 2013
  • From Nature, June 21, 2013: Fermilab names Nigel Lockyer as new director
  • From The Beacon-News, June 20, 2013: New director named for Fermilab

Friday, June 21

  • Special Announcement: All-hands meeting with Nigel Lockyer - June 28
  • Frontier Science Result: COUPP: Hunting for light dark matter in a bubble chamber
  • Physics in a Nutshell: Entropy is not disorder
  • In Brief: DASTOW takes place today
  • Video of the Day: Neutrinos: nature's ghosts?
  • Massive electromagnet sets off for Fermilab on Saturday
  • Photo of the Day: Owl in broad daylight
  • From Wired, June 17, 2013: Mysterious subatomic particle may represent exotic new form of matter

Thursday, June 20, Special Edition

  • Nigel Lockyer appointed director of Fermilab

Thursday, June 20

  • Special Announcement: Gypsy moth treatment on Fermilab grounds next week
  • Frontier Science Result: CDF: Recovering the missed top quark events
  • Giorgio Apollinari appointed new director of LARP
  • Photo of the Day: Profile of an American robin
  • From CNET, June 18, 2013: Smash Lego atoms with a Large Hadron Collider model

Wednesday, June 19

  • In Brief: Fermilab Users Executive Committee accepting nominations for next term
  • From WDRS: Fermilab's new modified work program
  • Milestone: COO Jack Anderson receives leadership award from Energy Facilities Contractors Group
  • Photos of the Day: Prairie burn: before and after
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, June 18
  • Correction: Attribution of magnet repairs in June 14 Accelerator Update
  • From CNN, June 17, 2013: Behold the moving magnet—scientists taking giant device on 3,200-mile trip
  • From Red Orbit, June 13, 2013: New data supports 'cold' model of dark matter

Tuesday, June 18

  • Special Announcement: Reminder: DASTOW scheduled for this Friday
  • Director's Corner: Last rounds in Washington
  • Cranking it up to 11: a new superconducting magnet
  • Photo of the Day: Fun in the vernal pool
  • Construction Update: Elevator installation at IARC
  • From the Associated Press, June 16, 2013: Scientists moving 15-ton magnet from NY to Chicago

Monday, June 17

  • Summer students get a taste of particle physics research through Fermilab internships
  • Tip of the Week: Cybersecurity: APTs: The bad guys have us in their sights
  • Photos of the Day: Flight and landing
  • Accelerator Update: Accelerator update, June 14, 2013
  • From SLAC Today, June 12, 2013: SLAC's X-ray laser explores big data frontier
  • From Space.com, June 10, 2013: New kind of dark matter could form 'dark atoms'

Friday, June 14

  • Angelo Di Canto wins 2013 URA Thesis Award
  • Frontier Science Result: CMS: Looking in many boxes
  • From symmetry: International Linear Collider design is 'good to go'
  • In Brief: Weather delays move of Muon g-2 ring by one week
  • Photo of the Day: Mesmerizing topography, fun topology
  • From CNET, June 12, 2013: Scientists unveil plans for 19-mile-long particle smasher

Thursday, June 13

  • Special Announcement: Fermilab Users Meeting, Oddone farewell symposium - today in Ramsey Auditorium
  • Frontier Science Result: DZero: Photon pairs probe proton's parts
  • Yanyan Gao wins 2013 Tollestrup Award
  • Photos of the Day: Turtle runs like a proton
  • In Brief: Road closed to all bicycle and pedestrian traffic
  • From FYI: The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News, June 12, 2013: Update on OMB travel restrictions
  • From Christian Science Monitor, June 11, 2013: Why dark matter may not be so dark after all

Wednesday, June 12

  • Special Announcement: Fermilab Users Meeting, ILC worldwide event - today
  • From the Core Computing Division: Supporting a virtual infrastructure
  • Press Release: Massive particle storage ring to begin 3,200-mile trek on Sunday
  • Photos of the Day: Fixing a hole
  • Accelerator Update: Accelerator update, June 7, 2013
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, June 11
  • Correction: Erene Noyola retirement party
  • From Nature, June 9, 2013: Canadian accelerator produces a city's-worth of medical isotopes overnight

Tuesday, June 11

  • In Brief: Users Meeting, ILC worldwide event, Oddone symposium - Wednesday and Thursday
  • Director's Corner: Three frontiers, together, won't break
  • Photos of the Day: Here to stay is a blue bird
  • In Brief: All Experimenters' Meetings resume weekly schedule
  • Milestone: Erene Noyola celebrates retirement on Friday
  • Construction Update: Fermilab takes beneficial occupancy of the LArTF
  • Milestone: Rare event: Jerry Leibfritz achieves hole-in-one
  • From Reuters, June 5, 2013: Genomics and particle physics top the scientific charts
  • From Physics Today, May 31, 2013: American particle physics at CERN and at home

Monday, June 10

  • In Brief: Accepting applications for Intensity Frontier Fellowships
  • Tip of the Week: Quality Assurance: Leveraging safety and quality programs at Fermilab
  • In Brief: DZero collaboration meeting reviews Tevatron legacy
  • From symmetry: Winner: Cinderella's convertible carriage
  • Photos of the Day: Creepy crawlies, big to small
  • From Nature, June 5, 2013: Physics: The enigmatic electron

Friday, June 7

  • Physics in a Nutshell: Beautiful symmetries
  • Frontier Science Result: ArgoNeuT: The hammer of neutrino interactions
  • Photo of the Day: University of Delhi students visit Fermilab
  • In Brief: Employee performance reviews due in July
  • From Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, June 6, 2013: Skype connects students, scientists
  • From Space.com, June 4, 2013: New telescope strategy could resolve dark-matter mystery, scientists say

Thursday, June 6

  • From symmetry: Unification of forces
  • Frontier Science Result: CDF: A pure sample
  • In Brief: Changes to site entrance gate hours of operation beginning Monday
  • Photo of the Day: Owl is watching you
  • From Black Hills Pioneer, June 3, 2013: Sanford Lab officials outline LBNE plans

Wednesday, June 5

  • Press Release: Famed physicist Sean Carroll to speak at Fermilab June 12
  • From the Finance Section: New Finance website
  • Accelerator Update: Accelerator update, May 31, 2013
  • Video of the Day: Why supersymmetry?
  • Photo of the Day: Knight of yore
  • Safety Update: ESH&Q weekly report, June 4
  • From Physics Today, June 2013: The evolution of hadron-collider experiments
  • From Physics, May 30, 2013: Synopsis: Asymmetry in strange-beauty mesons

Tuesday, June 4

  • Choreographing the Accelerator and NuMI Upgrade
  • Director's Corner: Restarting and reaching out
  • Photo of the Day: Rising sun
  • Construction Update: Utilities relocation for the MC-1 Building
  • From Science, May 31, 2013: Europe's updated particle physics plan weighty with global implications

Monday, June 3

  • Special Announcement: Upcoming farewell events for Pier Oddone
  • Tip of the Week: Ecology and EnvironmentIs it hot in here, or is it just me?
  • In Brief: Workshop meets June 4 as part of Scientific Computing Division's new FIFE project
  • Photos of the Day: Ant on the petal, Jack in the pulpit
  • From Interactions.org, May 30, 2013: CERN Council updates European strategy for particle physics
  • From FYI: The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News, May 31, 2013: Administration identifies R&D as critical to economic growth and job creation