Fermilab Today Troubleshootin'

Troubleshootin' fer Fermilab Today

Fermilab Today be distributed via e-mail each mornin' by th' same program. Internet service providers be aggressively filterin' spam due t' th' proliferation o' spam e-mail. Increasingly, legitimate, subscription-based e-mails be labeled as spam, which prevents them from gettin' t' yer inbox. Below be some tips t' help unblock Fermilab Today if ye suddenly avast receivin' yer daily issue.

Did ye avast receivin' Fermilab Today? Follow these tips.

  1. Add today@fnal.gov t' yer e-mail address book.

  2. Check yer spam folder. If Fermilab Today be delivered t' yer spam folder, mark 't as "nay spam" or as "safe".

  3. Send an e-mail t' today@fnal.gov. We will reply t' yer e-mail. Please confirm that ye received our reply.

  4. If none o' these efforts work, please e-mail today@fnal.gov an' we will help ye contact yer ISP fer additional support.

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