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Friday, Aug. 29
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  • Hadron collider school prepares young physicists
  • From iSGTW: OSG 1.0: Stable, Secure, Reliable
  • Special Announcement: Register by Sept. 5 for LHC start-up pajama party
  • From National Geographic News, August 27, 2008: Cluster smashup is dark matter proof

Thursday, Aug. 28
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  • NOvA moves toward Minnesota ground breaking
  • Result of the Week: DZero researchers seek special particle
  • GLAST Observatory renamed for Fermi, reveals entire gamma-ray sky
  • From Scientific American, September, 2008: Double first for Large Hadron Collider

Wednesday, Aug. 27
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  • DOE's P.K. Williams retires
  • From Center for Particle Astrophysics: Batavia: the Cosmic Frontier
  • Megafloods lecture Sept. 12
  • ES&H weekly report, Aug. 26

Tuesday, Aug. 26
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  • Physics of Argentine tango
  • Director's Corner: Thinking ahead
  • Final LHC synchronization test a success
  • From the Times Online, Aug. 24, 2008: Fruit juice, dirty bombs and the appliance of science

Monday, Aug. 25
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  • SciBooNE detector parts move to other experiments
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Sensible shoes for safety
  • From, Aug. 22, 2008: Physicists 'see' single top quarks at the Tevatron

Friday, Aug. 22
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  • Register now for LHC start-up pajama party on Sept. 10
  • You did NOT receive a greeting card
  • Interactive Safety Seminar teaches proper procedures
  • From iSGTW: BNL takes a cue from nuclear physics

Thursday, Aug. 21
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  • Cosmic ray study reaps energy, economic benefits
  • Result of the Week: Testing the Standard Model from A to ZZ
  • NOAO press release: Chris Smith named director of Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory
  • From Wired, Aug. 18, 2008: Ace quantum mechanics—the reality TV way!

Wednesday, Aug. 20
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  • Passing the torch
  • A green home away from home
  • Photo of the Day: Chris Quigg receives Humboldt award
  • From Scientific American, September 2008: Fermilab looks for visitors from another dimension

Tuesday, Aug. 19
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  • ArgoNeuT sees first events
  • Director's Corner: Hadron Collider School
  • Photo of the Day: Night heron an early bird
  • From Sloan Digital Sky Survey press release, Aug. 15, 2008: A giant astronomical survey completes its mission: A new mission begins

Monday, Aug. 18
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  • SciBooNE wraps up data-taking
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Going dark to go green
  • Photo of the Day: Heron seeks summer shade
  • From ScienceNow Daily News, Aug. 13, 2008: Quantum Physics Gets "Spooky"

Friday, Aug. 15
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  • Fermilab employees create outreach opportunities
  • Special Result of the Week: Pion-antipion collider physics at Fermilab
  • Photo of the Day: What is it?
  • From iSGTW: (Almost) starting up the LHC: a view from the front lines

Thursday, Aug. 14
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  • Making a splash
  • Result of the Week: Watching for the Higgs
  • Multicultural event group launches diversity survey
  • From Chicago Tribune, Aug. 12, 2008: Ecologists hope barn owl takes to Fermilab

Wednesday, Aug. 13
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  • First particle tracks seen in liquid-argon detector
  • From the Accelerator Physics Center: The future begins today
  • Photo of the Day: HPCSS08 pack One West
  • Video of the Day: Encore

Tuesday, Aug. 12
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  • Bat workshop at Fermilab entices local teachers
  • Director's Corner: Where there's a will……
  • LHC Start Up Update
  • From Kane County Chronicle, Aug. 9, 2008: How the Higgs may help

Monday, Aug. 11
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  • Thomas "TJ" Baird retires
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Safety unleashed
  • Fermilab Today celebrates publication's fifth birthday
  • From Popular Mechanics, Aug. 7, 2008: Large Hadron Collider turns on Sept. 10, tests beam on weekend

Friday, Aug. 8
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  • DOE Secretary Bodman addresses basic missions
  • Watch start-up of Large Hadron Collider live at Fermilab!
  • Kennedy's Kitchen performs at Fermilab Saturday

Thursday, Aug. 7
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  • FFSE picnic celebrates science education
  • Result of the Week: Studying the underlying event in Drell-Yan production at CDF
  • Secretary Bodman at DOE All-Hands Meeting today
  • Al Beutler retires

Wednesday, Aug. 6
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  • SciBooNE earns Fermilab DOE environmental award
  • Secretary Bodman at DOE All-Hands Meeting Thursday
  • Director's Corner: Made it!
  • Director's Corner: First kiss
  • From, Aug. 5, 2008: Belle discovers three new mesons

Tuesday, Aug. 5
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  • Bet he can use that in a sentence…
  • Director's Corner: Grounded
  • From Kane County Chronicle, Aug. 5, 2008: Fermilab rules out one location in particle search
  • From Chicago Tribune, Aug. 4, 2008: Bogus diploma ring busted with help from U. of I. professor

Monday, Aug. 4
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  • Tevatron experiments double team Higgs boson
  • Safety Tip of the Week: Yellowjackets
  • Interactive vehicle safety seminar Friday

Friday, Aug. 1
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  • Happy b-day, Fermilab Today!
  • From iSGTW: Simulating starry images
  • Making art a family affair
  • From The Economist, July 31, 2008: Known and unknown unknowns
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