Robert R. Wilson

Application Procedure

The application deadline is Friday, Oct. 25, 2019, and the application material should be organized in the following way:

  1. Letter: A letter stating your desire to be considered for the Wilson Fellowship.
  2. Research Statement: A description of your proposed program of research at Fermilab not to exceed five pages. We would like to know what physics you want to do and how you would go about it; your contribution to the hardware or software if that is appropriate; your preparations for such an effort; your requirements or desires or non-negotiable demands, etc.
  3. Curriculum vitae: You should include the usual items on education and employment and a summary of your physics history. You should also include a publication list.
  4. References: The names of at least four referees who will write letters on your behalf. Please ask the referees to submit their letters via the Academic Jobs Online URL below. The letters should be submitted by the application deadline so that they can be considered in a timely way. When you ask a referee to send the letter, please point them to the Fellowship materials on the web and to the list of current and past Fellows so that they can make comparisons when appropriate.

Materials and letters should be submitted via:

Email: send email

Fermilab is an equal opportunity employer.