Weekly Classifieds
Posted May 10, 2013

Classified ads will run each Friday in FERMILAB TODAY, and will remain posted for a week. The weekly deadline for submitting ads is 12:00 Noon each Wednesday.

If you would like to submit an ad, please fill out the online form, providing all of the information requested. If you do not have Web access, contact the Office of Communication at 630-840-3351.

Please read the Fermilab Classified Ad Policy before submitting your ad.

For Sale

Tama SwingStar 5 piece drum set 12 ½ and 13 ½ inch tom toms, 16 inch floor tom, BD and 14 ½ inch snare drum. Zildjian cymbals: 16 and 18 inch crash, 20 inch ride, and 14 inch hi-hat. Pictures are available on request. Contact: Dave at (630)842-4132 or david.patterson@sbcglobal.net.


Yews - free to a good home - 2 yews, approx. 2' diameter by 120" tall, if you're fussy, you can dig them out, must pick up, near Farnsworth and Molitor. Contact: Karl at x3043 or karlw@fnal.gov.

SCARCE (School and Community Assistance for Composting and Recycling Education) is hosting several recycling events in DuPage County in the coming weeks. Items are donated to charity if possible, otherwise properly recycled. For a complete list of dates, locations, and items accepted see http://www.scarceecoed.org/recycling/recycling-events.html. Contact: LNobrega@fnal.gov, or x6837.

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