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The integrated luminosity for last week was 11.7 pb-1.

Monday March 1
The day shift began with Operations monitoring store 3263, the Antiproton Source (Pbar) stacking, and with MiniBooNE taking beam.

At 8:39 AM, a Linac quadrupole power supply (QPS104) started to drift. Technicians worked on the supply and had it running properly by 9:47 AM.

A Booster expert began a collimator study at 10:48 AM.

At 12:43 PM, A Booster RF station (BRF13) tripped off for the first of nine times over a three-hour period.

Pbar began a reverse protons study at 1:24 PM. This study halted stacking.

At 1:44 PM, Main Injector (MI) and Recycler experts began conducting studies.

Tevatron (TeV) experts began a study period around 10 PM.

Pbar studies ended and stacking resumed at 10:49 PM.

A TeV RF station (TRF5) tripped off at 10:55 PM due to its water heaters tripping off. An expert said not to reset the heaters until after the TeV finished its studies.

At 11:35 PM, Operations reported odd things happening with the MI BPMs. BPM and frontend reboots didn't help. Upon further investigation, operators discovered it was a timing problem, which they fixed.

Tuesday March 2
The midnight shift began with Operations monitoring store 3263, with Pbar stacking, and with studies in TeV and MI.

At 2:25 AM, the TeV experts completed their studies and Operations terminated store 3263.

Operators tried to reset the TeV TRF5 water heaters at 2:46 AM, but they tripped off. Operators called in experts.

Operations put the TeV through a dry squeeze at 2:47 AM.

The RF experts replaced a power supply for the TRF5 water heater controller. They had the station up and running by 3:36 AM.

Operations put the TeV into shot setup at 5:15 AM.

At 7:16 AM, the TeV suffered a sector C1 quench while ramping. Pbar resumed stacking.

Operators had the Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF) and D-zero (D0) collision halls prepared for access by 8 AM.

Both CDF and D0 were out of access by 4 PM.

At 5:30 PM, Operations put the TeV through a dry squeeze.

Operations put the TeV into shot setup at 8:44 PM.

At 9:42 PM, a Linac RF station (LRF4) tripped off. Operators investigated and found a LCW leak. A Linac tech came in and repaired a hose. He had the station operating by 11:10 PM. Shot setup resumed.

Wednesday March 3
The midnight shift began with the TeV in shot setup and with MiniBooNE conducting a study.

At 12:35 AM, Operations established store 3271 with an initial luminosity of 52.03E30. Pbar resumed stacking.

A Linac vacuum pump for LRF4 tripped at 2:45 AM. It reset okay.

At 6 AM, Operations and Recycler experts began stashing antiprotons from Pbar. By 7:45 AM, Pbar had sent eight shots of antiprotons to the Recycler.

Today's Plans
The plans for today include completing the Recycler stashes, monitoring store 3271, and stacking.

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