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Monday September 8
The Day shift began with recovery from a planned power outage and with the first day of the ten-week shutdown. Technicians and experts began their work in all accelerators.

Vacuum technicians began letting the vacuum come up to normal atmosphere at 9 AM in certain areas of the Main Injector (MI).

At 7:17 PM, the Duty Mechanic reported that the sector F2 pond water level was getting low. He asked that the pumps around the ring be kept on to keep the levels up. Operators turned on the pumps.

Tuesday September 9
The midnight shift began in shutdown.

Vacuum techs began letting the vacuum come up to normal atmosphere at 10 AM in certain areas of the Tevatron (TeV).

Operations lost vacuum readbacks for one area of the Recycler at 10:30 AM. In other Recycler areas, techs let the vacuum up to normal atmosphere.

Operations lost MI vacuum readbacks for the MI3 area and the MI52 septa control at 12:30 PM. Techs resolved a power problem at MI20 that took care of these and other problems.

Techs shut down the CUB 55 LCW system for repairs at 3:30 PM.

Wednesday September 10
The midnight shift began in shutdown.

At 12:30 AM, operators responded to a fire alarm in the MI60 service building. With firemen escorts, operators investigated but found no sign of smoke or fire. The Fire Department disabled the sensor and reported it for repair.

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