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Monday September 22 through Wednesday September 24
All shifts began in shutdown.

On Monday, Main Injector (MI) vacuum trouble caused problems for the Recycler during the day shift.

On Tuesday, Operations monitored the nitrogen use in the Tevatron (TeV) cryo systems.

At the beginning of shutdown, technicians began installing a Hydrostatic Level System (HLS) on 26 quadrupoles in the B sector 8 GeV line. This system will give the physicists a better idea of how the magnet positions drift from day-to-day. The system consists of a series of cans connected by a pipe. The pipe and cans are half full of water. Each can contains a sensor to measure the water depth to a few microns. If the vertical position of a magnet changes, the measured water depth will also change. Data from the HLS combined with the tilt-meters already installed in the TeV will give the experts more things to point a finger at when the beam orbit needs correction.

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