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Pier Oddone
Pier Oddone

One lab. One system.

The laboratory is adopting a single electronic system for reporting time and effort. It's about time!

Every Fermilab employee will soon begin using a new version of Fermilab Time & Labor electronic reporting. The new timecard, produced by Kronos Inc., will allow employees to use a single interface to report time worked, leave taken and effort on specific projects and tasks. For monthly employees already using FTL, the process of reporting time and effort will remain largely unchanged, although the system will be new.

This month the FTL project team, led by the Computing Division, will begin providing training and guidance to all employees on how to use the new timecard system. Monthly employees, who have already been trained in electronic reporting, will receive group instruction on how to use the new timecard. Weekly employees will receive individualized training. Timekeepers and timecard approvers will receive training as well. Computing Division employees will visit divisions during the time they begin using the new timecard to provide assistance.

Of all workers who report time and effort across North America, close to 80 percent do so via the Kronos timecard. Adoption of this well known and accepted interface reduces the need to customize the Fermilab timecard and saves on support costs. Additionally, Kronos Inc. will host the servers for the new timecard, a support role that has previously gone to the Computing Division. This will free resources to support projects and experiments central to the laboratory's mission.

One of the notable outcomes by which the Office of Science will establish the laboratory grades this year is the implementation of the time and labor reporting system for all employees.

For more information, please see the Fermilab Time and Labor reporting site. You can submit any questions about the new timecard through the Q&A section of the site.

Pier Oddone

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