FTL Auto Copy Function for Exempt Timecards


The new FTL timecard will automatically copy the project tasks and/or activities from the previous reporting period into the current week's timecard. This function will only work for monthly employees.

If you do not work any hours associated with a project task or activity but would like for that category to continue to appear automatically on your timecard the following week, you should click on a day next to that project task or activity and record 0 hours. If you do not do this and the project task or activity does not appear in the subsequent timecard, you can always reenter it.

The project tasks or activities will appear in the next timecard when the previous reporting period ends. They will not copy forward to any future weeks beyond the current time period. The timecard system will not copy forward to the next week the number of hours worked in any category. It will not copy forward holidays or overwrite hours you record ahead of time in future timecards.

Exempt employees (employees paid monthly): Before approving your timecard for the week, if you have an activity in your "Transfer" list that you did not work on that week, enter "0" hours for that activity for at least one day. FTL autocopy screenshot 1

This will automatically copy that activity to your timecard for the next week so that you do not have to search for the activity again. FTL autocopy screenshot 2