CKM Papers, Talks and Preprints

  • Physics results
  • Conference proceedings and talks on physics results
  • Detector publications, talks, and conference proceedings
  • Reviews and Posters

  • Physics Results

    Conference proceedings and talks on physics results

  • Steve Kettell
  • The Fermilab Kaon Physics Program
    Talk at Fermilab Proton Driver Workshop , October 2004.

  • Bob Tschirhart
  • The Fermilab Kaon Physics Program
    Talk at CERN Villars Workshop , September 2004.

  • Ken Nelson
  • Status report of the CKM Experiment
    Talk at the Fermilab Annual User's Meeting, June 2003.

  • Hogan Nguyen
  •  The CKM Experiment
    Proceedings for Talk at Beach02, June 2002. 

  • Sasha Kushnirenko
  • Measurement of K+ -> pi+nunu in CKM Experiment
    Talk (pdf) at Snowmass 2001, 13 July 2001. E5 working group (Fixed target experiments)

  • Erik Ramberg:
  • The CKM Experiment at Fermilab;
    HEP Seminar at Argonne National Labs, March 2001

  • Myron Campbell:
  • University of Michigan graduate student talk , September 29,2000

  • Peter Cooper:
  • CKM - Charged Kaons atthe Main-injector; Talk at CP2000 19 Sep 2000
    Paper Published in Nucl.Phys.Proc.Suppl.99:121-126,2001
    Also in *Ferrara 2000, CP violation physics* 121-126

  • Leo Bellantoni:
  • Fermilab Research Techniques Seminar; 22 Aug 2000

  • Caroline Milstene:
  • Charged Kaons at the Main Injector (CKM).
    Talk at BEACH2000 - IV International Conference on Hyperon, Charm, and Beauty Hadron,
    Valencia, Spain, June 27-30, 2000.
    Published in Nucl.Phys.Proc.Suppl.93:348-351,2001
    Also in In *Valencia 2000,Hyperons, charm and beauty hadrons*
    348-351 e-Print Archive: hep-ex/0009046.

  • C. Milstene, P.S.Cooper, M.A. Moinester:
  • Kaon Radiative Decay K+ -> mu+ nu gamma at CKM at the Fermilab Main Injector
    Preprint TAUP-2444-97, March 31, 1998
    e-Print Archive: hep-ex/9803033.



    Beam & detector publications, talks, and conference proceedings

  • Peter Cooper:
  • Redesign of the CKM RICH Velocity Sepctrometers for use in a 1/4 GHz Beam
    Talk (pdf) at Rich 2004, 03 December 2004

  • Erik Ramberg:
  • A Photon Veto Detecotr for the CKM Experiment
    Proceedings (pdf) Published in IEEE Trans.Nucl.Sci.51:2201-2204,2004
    13th IEEE - NPSS Real Time Conference (RT 2003), Montreal, Canada, 18-23 May 2003., 03 December 2004

  • Mark Bowden (Fermilab, BTeV)
  • DAQ Switches & Links - tutorial for CKM
    Talk (PDF 5MB) at CKM Meeting in December 2001
    (Download the talk as acroread plugin is likely to blow browser)

  • Jinyuan Wu:
  • Architecture design of trigger and DAQ system for the Fermilab CKM experiment;
    Talk at CHEP'01 3-7 Sep 2001, Beijing, China Abstract

  • Peter Cooper:
  • Kaons Beams; Talk at Snowmass 2001, 03 July 2001

  • Leo Bellantoni,
  • Design and Measurements of a Deflecting Mode Cavity for a RF Separator
    Proceedings for Talk 2001 Particle Accelerator Conference, Chicago, June 2001.

  • Mark Champion,
  • Engineering, Design and Prototype Tests of a 3.9 GHz Transverse Mode Superconducting Cavity
    for a Radiofrequency Separated Kaon Beam
    Proceedings for Talk 2001 Particle Accelerator Conference, Chicago, June 2001.

  • Jin-Yuan Wu:
  • Current Trend of Trigger and DAQ Architectures of HEP Experiment;
    Talk at Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, June 2001

  • RICH Group, J. Engelfried et al.:
  • The RICH Detector of the SELEX Experiment.
    Presented Paper from the 3. International Workshop on Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detectors,
    RICH98, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea, Israel, November 15-20, 1998.
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods A433(1999)149-152. Preprint FERMILAB-Conf-98/399-E

  • RICH Group, J. Engelfried et al.:
  • The SELEX Phototube RICH Detector.
    Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A431(1999)53-69. Preprint FERMILAB-Pub-98/299-E, hep-ex/9811001.

                A Straw Drift Chamber for Operation in a Vacuum Tank
    Preprint  FERMILAB-Pub-02/241-E)
           To be submitted to Nucl. Instr. and Meth A

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