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Services account password needed for Fermilab Time & Labor reporting
Starting the week of July 27, all employees will need a services account password to access the Fermilab Time and Labor electronic reporting system. You can activate your account through http://www.fnal.gov/tuneitup. Volunteers will offer help activating services accounts in the atrium at lunch periodically throughout the month.

Time to complete accomplishment reports
It is that time of year to reflect on our past year’s performance. Please note the following forms must be completed in July: • 2008-2009 accomplishment report (completed by employee) • 2008-2009 performance review form (completed by manager). You may view forms, instructions, and resources on the website at http://wdrs.fnal.gov/elr/perform_rev.html If you have questions, please contact the Employee Relations department.

Bristol Renaissance Faire Discount Tickets
Every Faire day recreates a time when knights were noble, maids were merry, and turkey legs, titanic. Once you enter the portal gates, you travel back in time to the year 1574. Visitors take a rollicking romp through Elizabethan England, complete with 16th Century games, rides, arts, crafts, food, music and one-of-a-kind encounters with a spectacular cast of characters. The Faire boasts a beautiful 30-acre site with open-air stages featuring Swordfighters, Minstrels and Jesters. Meet Robin Hood or Queen Elizabeth, in person. Click on Premium Partners 2009 and enter code BRX723 at http://www.renfair.com/bristol/.

Six Flags Great America discount tickets
Fermi Day tickets are $29 (Savings of $27.64) offered July 4–5, July 25–26, August 8–9. Better Than A “Buy One Get One” Ticket! Any Day Tickets are $34 (Savings of $22.64). Better Than An “Everyone Pays Kids Price” Ticket! Season Pass is $72.09 each. Sales tax already included in prices. Tickets are available at the Recreation Office, WH15W. For more information call x5427 or see website at http://wdrs.fnal.gov/recreation/convenience.html.

Pool memberships available in the Recreation Department
The Recreation Department will be selling pool memberships from now until August. You may purchase membership at the Recreation Office in Wilson Hall 15 West from 8:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. Single membership $80, family membership (2-4 members) $180 with additional family members $10 each. Children 2 and under are free. Children's swim lesson information will also be available. Forms are available in the Recreation Office, or on the Recreation Website at http://wdrs.fnal.gov/recreation/pool.html.

Raging Waves Waterpark Online Discount Ticket Program
You can purchase discounted tickets for Raging Waves Waterpark with the added convenience of printing your admission tickets from your computer and presenting them at the entrance turnstiles bypassing ticket booth lines. You may purchase tickets by visiting our Raging Waves Waterpark Online Discount Ticket Store in one or both of the following ways, #1: Clicking on the following online store web link: https://tickets.ragingwaves.com/affiliate.asp?ID=D897A797-90D1-4E69-B784-5E2FDAA84A14 #2: Go to our online store, https://tickets.ragingwaves.com and enter this personalized Store Name: Fermilab

International folk dancing cancelled July 30, resumes Aug. 6
International folk dancing is cancelled for Thursday, July 30, but will resume weekly dancing on Thursday, Aug. 6, at 7:30 p.m. Dancing is in Ramsey Auditorium through August and then reverts to Kuhn Barn in September. Newcomers are always welcome. For more info, email folkdance@fnal.gov or call 630-594-0825 or x8194. For more information please visit http://www.fnal.gov/orgs/folkdance/.

Summer safety tips for older adults
If you are an older adult or know someone who is an older adult these tips are for you. This seminar will cover tips on how to stay safe during the hot days of summer and other severe weather conditions, asthma, raised bed gardening, recreation, personal safety, modifying home environments for mobility issues, and more. Can't stay for the whole seminar? Drop in at any time on Wednesday, July 29, 11:30-1:00, Wilson Hall One West. This seminar is presented by the Fermilab Medical Department and Unity Coat, Fermilab Disability Awareness Group.

Accelerated C++ Short Course begins August 6
On August 6, Fermilab will offer the first session of Accelerated C++: A Short Course in Practical Programming by Example. This Course is an extended professional development experience emphasizing computer programming in modern standard C++. No tuition is charged; the required textbooks are available for check-out from the Fermilab Library. Participants receive TRAIN credit upon successful completion of the eight-session course. Course registration is now open, please see http://home.fnal.gov/~wb/AcceleratedCpp.html

Outlook 2007: New Features class Aug. 6
Become comfortable with the interface, mail messages and contact management within Outlook 2007. To enroll or for more information, please visit http://www-esh.fnal.gov/pls/default/course_summary.full_descr?this_course_code=WDRS0041&this_instr_type_code=CR&this_fermi_id=00000X

The University of Chicago Tuition Remission Program Aug. 17 deadline
The deadline for applying for the tuition remission program at The University of Chicago for the Fall 2009 quarter is Aug. 17. For more information and enrollment forms, contact Nicole Gee at x3697 or visit the website http://wdrs.fnal.gov/train-dev/uchicago.html

Process piping (ASME B31.3) class offered in October and November
Gain a clearer understanding of how piping systems fail and the code requirements and guidance to prevent such failures. Learn about the concerns and questions that must be addressed to produce a safe piping system, and learn where and how to get these answers. For more information or to enroll, please visit http://www-esh.fnal.gov/pls/default/schedule.show_course_details?cid=4999.

Deadline today for on-site housing-fall 2009/spring 2010
The Fermilab Housing Office is now taking requests for on-site houses, apartments, and dormitory rooms for the remainder of 2009 and the spring of 2010. Please submit your request to the Housing Office by Monday, July 20. Requests can be for any period and need not commence on any particular date. Please contact the Housing Office at x3777 or housing@fnal.gov. Individual requests can be made with our online form at http://lss.fnal.gov/housing/housing_request.html. Full Announcement is at http://listserv.fnal.gov/scripts/wa.exe?A2=ind0906&L=housing_office&T=0&P=277..

Entry-level lectures on neutrino work - July 20
A tri of talks in Ramsey Auditorium Monday, July 20, are open to all employees and users to learn about research and engineering jobs in current and future neutrino programs. Ed Kearns, of Boston University, will speak at 10 a.m. about the basics of neutrino oscillations, established results and ideas for future experiments. Jeff Nelson, College of William and Mary, will speak at 11:05 a.m. about future detector challenges and opportunities. Swapan Chattopadhyay, of the Cockcroft Institute, will speak at 11:50 a.m. about the accelerator physics challenges and opportunities. You can find out more about the talks at the NuFact09 Web site.

Argentine Tango classes through July 22
Our new tango series will consist of 4 classes starting July 1, if you would like to sign up, please send an e-mail to Pamela Noyes at noyes@fnal.gov. Eduardo Villalba will teach the next series of classes. Classes run each Wed. thru July 22 in Ramsey Auditorium. Class set, $60.00 per person or $18.00 per class - Pay first day of class. Basic I & II: 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. - Practice prior to class - 6:30 p.m., Intermediate/Advanced: 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. For more information please visit http://bss.fnal.gov/tango.pdf.

Free 10-Minute Chair Massage - July 22 and 23
The Recreation Department/Wellness Committee is sponsoring free 10-minute chair massages from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 22, at the User's Center Music Room and on Thursday, July 23, at Wilson Hall. To reserve a time slot contact Kathy at x5427 or kphelan@fnal.gov .

Intermediate/Advanced Python Programming July 22-24
James Lee will teach Intermediate/Advanced Python Programming training at Fermilab on July 22-24. For more information or to enroll, please visit http://www-esh.fnal.gov/pls/default/schedule.show_course_details?cid=3691

Free Hips, Buns & Thighs 30-Minute Workout - July 23
This basic lower body workout includes exercises for your hips, buns and thighs that are designed to help burn fat and tone up your muscles in your lower body. Thursday, July 23, 4:45 p.m. to 5:15 p.m., Recreation Facility Exercise Room. For more information contact Jeanne at the Recreation Dept. x2548.

Toastmaster Meeting Scheduled - July 23
Become the speaker and leader you want to be! People who communicate effectively get ahead in life. Toastmasters will show you how to listen effectively, think on your feet and speak confidently. Come visit our Toastmasters club and see what we can do for you. July meeting is scheduled for July 23, 12:00 to 1:00 p.m., Curia II. For more info contact rdysert@fnal.gov or visit http://www.toastmasters.org.

Reminder: Changes to FTL system
Changes to the Fermilab Time and Labor Reporting system went into effect on Monday, June 15. See the latest Q&A here.

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