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Changes in Fermilab Site Security

Site Security Questions and Answers

The Department of Energy has recently approved changes to the Fermilab Security Plan. These changes, which will go into effect on January 24,
Security Map
Fermilab map showing the public areas and
restricted sections on site. (Click on image for
larger version.)
2005, will ease some of the site access restrictions that have been in place since 9/11 while at the same time enhancing the overall security of the Fermilab site.

Here are the highlights of the coming changes in Fermilab site security:

  • A central corridor of public areas, shown on the attached map, will enable the public to visit much of the Fermilab site without the need for visitors' passes. The public areas include most of the recreational features of the site. The public areas will be open to the visiting public from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. from mid-October to mid-April and from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. when daylight hours are longer. Roadways that are off limits to visiting members of the public will be posted with signs, and motorists will be given site maps to guide them to the public areas.

  • The public areas will extend into the Lederman Education Center and to the ground floor and atrium of Wilson Hall, and Ramsey Auditorium. Signs will tell visitors which areas of Wilson Hall are open to the public.

  • The Fermilab Security Plan identifies certain workspaces as "Property Protection Areas." These spaces include CDF; DZero; the Main Control Room and the associated computing space; parts of Feynman Computing Center; the Central Utility Building; the Central Helium Liquefier; and the Master Substation and the Kautz Road Substation. Fermilab ID badges will be required for entry into these areas, and people working in these areas must wear Fermilab ID badges or visitors' passes at all times.

  • Beginning January 24, only those who visit or work in Property Protection Areas will be required to wear Fermilab ID badges or visitors' passes. People will not need to wear ID badges or visitors' passes elsewhere on the site so long as the present threat level (yellow) remains in effect. However, everyone on the Fermilab site must produce valid identification if requested by a security officer.

  • Security officers will remain at the East and West gates. When entering the site you should be prepared to show your Fermilab ID badge so the security officer will know you are authorized to enter.

  • Visitors will now be able to enter the Fermilab site by car through the East and West gates. After presenting identification, most visitors will simply pass through the security checkpoint after telling the security officer the purpose for their visits. They will not need to obtain visitors' passes. However, when a visitor plans to enter a Property Protection Area, he or she must obtain a temporary visitor's pass (as in the current system) and wear it while inside the Property Protection Area.

  • If you do not normally work within one of the Property Protection Areas but need to visit one during the course of a day, you will need to use your Fermilab ID badge to open the card-key access doors of the area, and you must wear the identification badge at all times while inside the area.

  • These security changes will remain in effect at the current security level. If DOE directs Fermilab to raise the security level due to some imminent threat, access procedures may change and the site-wide wearing of identification badges may again be required until the threat subsides.

While we have planned carefully for implementing the changes I have outlined, there will doubtless be a learning curve as we put them into effect. With your patience and cooperation, I believe that these changes will make our site more welcoming to our neighbors and other visitors without compromising Fermilab's security.

-- Fermilab Director Mike Witherell

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