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Fourteen Fermilab Employees Receive Employee Performance Recognition Awards

EPRA Recipients On June 14, fourteen employees received Employee Performance Recognition Awards. Following a luncheon at Chez Leon, Fermilab Director Michael Witherell handed out the awards. "This is an important program at the lab," Witherell said. "These are the people who make the lab work by doing much more than their job descriptions."

The following employees received awards:

  • Dmitri Denisov of PPD for his role in managing operations as Run Coordinator of the DZero detector during the first part of Collider Run II.
  • Wayne Shaddix and Manuel Seales of PPD's Alignment and Metrology Group for their roles during the last accelerator shutdown in aligning various parts of the accelerator complex. (Fifteen additional members of PPD's Alignment and Metrology Group will receive awards at the luncheon on June 29.)
  • Ray Yarema of PPD who initiated a major renovation of Ramsey Auditorium while chair of the Fermilab Auditorium Committee, leading to rave reviews.
  • Rob Roser of PPD for his role as head of the CDF Operations Department during the last two years.
  • Stu Fuess of PPD for his role in managing the online systems at DZero for Collider Run II.
  • Patricia McBride of the Computing Division for establishing interactions between the Computing Division and the Accelerator Division to improve Tevatron performance
  • Jack Schmidt of the Computing Division for his role in the migration of all of Fermilab's systems to a common Windows infrastructure
  • Don Holmgren of the Computing Division for his role in providing computing facilities for Lattice Gauge Theory
  • Elizabeth Clements, Mike Perricone and Kurt Riesselmann, of the Office of Public Affairs, for their accomplishments in creating and sustaining Fermilab Today
  • Dave Harding of the Technical Division for his role in the discovery and understanding of the sagging of the Tevatron Dipole magnets
  • Nelson Chester, Oleg Prokofiev, Giorgio Apollinari, of the Technical Division, for their leadership in the US CMS endcap muon chamber project

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