Fermi National Laboratory

The Tevatron Connection
A Series of CDF & DZero Presentations with Theoretical Perspectives

AUGUST 9-10, 2004 | Ramsey Auditorium, Wilson Hall, Fermilab
Come and join us for a fun, lively and informal atmosphere, where we present a broad spectrum of Tevatron physics results to each other and our Fermilab friends.

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Monday Afternoon (1-5pm)
Latest Physics Results from CDF & DZero
Theoretical Perspectives

Monday Evening (6-10pm)
PARTY with International Student Cuisine
(and Theoretical Desserts!)

Tuesday Morning (9am-1pm)
More meetings/discussions

Organizing Committee

Marcela Carena
Jianming Qian
Young-Kee Kim
Tony M. Liss
John Womersley
Chris Quigg

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