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Volume 22  |  Friday, December 17, 1999  |  Number 24
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Letter to the Editor

I read today in Nov 19th issue of FermiNews the following beginning to a paragraph: "Dick Lundy, an engineer involved in building the Tevatron..."

For the benefit of FermiNews:

1. Dick Lundy is a physicist, Ph.D. U of Chicago 1961.

2. Lundy, Orr and Livdahl were the first "troika" bringing the Main Ring to life.

3. Lundy was the head of Meson Lab.

4. Lundy was the head of Neutrino Lab.

5. Lundy was a Business Manager of Fermilab.

6. Yes, Lundy was "involved" in building the Tevatron. He was the head of the magnet section when all 960-plus Tevatron magnets were built. He saved the day by inventing "smart bolts," thus preventing a twist in the magnet core.

7. Lundy was the Associate Lab Director during Lederman administration.

8. Lundy was the recipient of the Presidential Medal for Technology together with Rich Orr, Alvin Tollestrup and Helen Edwards.

If your writers are that ignorant of the Lab's history, maybe you should find some new ones, or at least send them to school about Fermilab history.

In such a method of Fermi journalism perhaps ten years from now Peter Limon will be described as a "jovial technician" who did few things here and there!

Very disappointed,

Drasko Jovanovic

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