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Volume 22  |  Friday, September 17, 1999  |  Number 18
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The Parking Chronicles, Part IV

by Judy Jackson

We know that there is nothing FermiNews readers crave more than a good parking story. Weeks have passed since our last article on parking, so we are particularly pleased to bring you the latest news on where you may and may not park at Fermilab.

The text for today's story is taken from the book of Matthew, Chapter 25, verse 29: "...from him that hath not, even that which he hath shall be taken away."

When we left our story last July, Fermilab had redistricted the parking spaces around Wilson Hall to provide more short-term (and, consequently, fewer long-term) parking spots in the vicinity of the High Rise. Now officials of the Facilities Engineering Services Section have announced that the imminent commencement of Wilson Hall renovation will further reduce the number of long-term spaces on the east side of the High Rise. Quite a few long-term spots will disappear, to make room for the construction activities that will put Wilson Hall back on the list of Tall Buildings of Northeastern Illinois that Are Not Falling Apart. Westside parking will be reconfigured to add four handicapped spaces, and motorcycle and bicycle parking on the east side will be suspended for the duration. All of these changes are temporary--if two years can be called temporary--and will begin on Monday, September 20.

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