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Volume 22  |  Friday, August 6, 1999  |  Number 15
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People come to Fermilab for a lot more than physics. Fishermen and women, bird- and buffalo watchers, flotillas of Harley-Davidsons, and people who love tornadoes are among those who visit the lab during the course of the average year—all of them people who might not otherwise come to Fermilab.

The Fermilab Arts Series reaches still another group of 25,000 people annually. They come to Ramsey Auditorium to hear the likes of Koko Taylor, Ahmad Jamal, the Chenille Sisters and much more world-class talent. It's a great way to reach out to the community.

Now the Arts Series would like to try another form of outreach (or perhaps inreach) to a different group—our own Fermilab community. Turns out that only a small percentage of the audiences for Arts Series events are Fermilab employees and users. To introduce more Fermilab folks to the Arts Series, the Auditorium Committee is offering a two-for-one deal for its upcoming August 14 show featuring Marco Granadas and Un Mundo Ensemble. Buy one ticket, get one free, with no limit on the number you can buy.

Who are Marco Granados and the Un Mundo Ensemble? Granados is a Latin American flutist who, says the Arts Series brochure, is what you would get if you crossed "the flute-playing dexterity of James Galway with the Latin rhythms of the Gypsy Kings." As for Un Mundo Ensemble, it includes several of "the hottest Latin-American musicians performing today: Aquiles Baez on cuatro and guitar; Luis Gomez-Imbert on bass; and percussionist Leonardo Granados."

Fermilab's Janet Mackay-Galbraith, impresario of the Arts Series, says that Granados has a strong appeal to world music audiences—not to mention flute fans.

"I think this is a great chance for lab employees and users to sample some of the wonderful offerings presented right here in our own back yard," Mackay-Galbraith said. "We often find that we get performers here at Fermilab just before they get really big— and out of our price range. I think Granados is probably going to be in that category, so this is a great opportunity to hear him. And with the twofer deal, the price is definitely right."

Granados not only plays the flute; he also does a mean Web page: http://sunflute.com/

Buy tickets for the August 14 Marco Granados concert at the front desk in Wilson Hall or by phone at 2787.

— Judy Jackson

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