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Volume 27  |  May 2004  |  Number 5
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DASTOW '04: Wings and Wonders

A record turnout of some 400 employees and family members gathered for the annual group portrait in front of Wilson Hall.

Thursday, April 22, 2004: Daughters and Sons to Work Day at Fermilab took flight from its first moments and soared through the day. In a record turnout, some 400 employees and family members were charmed by an early bird walk with Peter Kasper; awed by the beauty of butterflies in Tom Peterson's presentation; thrilled by a simulated helicopter rescue, courtesy of the Fermilab Fire Department and LifeStar helicopter service of Loyola University Hospital; gratified by their work in planting trees in celebration of Earth Day; filled by a hot dog lunch; enlightened by demonstrations at the Leon Lederman Science Education Center; chilled by Jerry Zimmerman's super-cool Cryo Show, and transported back to prairie days by a visit to the buffalo pasture with veteran herdsman Don Hanson. Photos by Fermilab Visual Media Services.

Early Bird Walk
The Early Bird Walk began the day.
Tom Peterson
Tom Peterson's "The Butterflies of Fermilab" showed that science is also about beauty and wonder.

Loyola University Hospital's LifeStar helicopter
Loyola University Hospital's LifeStar helicopter dropped in for a simulated rescue.
A crash dummy is transferred to the chopper
A crash dummy is transferred to the chopper.

Michael Fox
Michael Fox, 7, has all the hot dog he can handle.
Jerry Zimmerman
Jerry Zimmerman was again Mr. Cool.
Catherine Jordan
Catherine Jordan, 9, conducts a unique electricity experiment at the Lederman Science Education Center.

Daena Wallace, Kariya Spillers, Roshanda Nowlin
Daena Wallace, 12 (left), and Kariya Spillers, 10 (right) get planting tips from Roshanda Nowlin of Accelerator Division.
Melanie Groenwald and her sister Caitlin
Melanie Groenwald, 5 (left), tries on a set of bison headphones, assisted by sister Caitlin, 7.

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