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Volume 26  |  Friday, May 23, 2003  |  Number 9
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A Gallery of Skills

An array of arts and crafts works by Fermilab employess - those shown here and many more - will be on exhibit in the Second Floor Cross-Gallery of Wilson Hall through June 2.

Mountain Range - J.C. Yun Gallery director Georgia Schwender (left) and Michelle Gleason position
Rhododendron - Karl Williams Free Standing Stained Glass - Wayne Braun
Purple Flowers in Blue Vase Andy's Quilt - Sheila Cisko, Joann Larson, Amber Boehnlein, Linda Bagby and Liz Buckley-Geer
Stoneware Jar - Anne Mary Teichert Mirror Image - William Gatfield
Chickadee, Canada Goose - Alan Lamore Jewelry, Katherine Johnson; Jewelry, Bakul Banerjee; Vase, John A. Litvinenko

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