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MAY 29,2003
NALWO invites all Fermilab women,visitors, and guests to the annual Spring Tea hosted by Ms.Beth Witherell at Site 29;10am -Noon.Please bring a favorite dessert or appetizer to share. http://www.fnal.gov/orgs/nalwo/03529Tinvite.htm. For additional information please contact Sue, x5059 or mendel@fnal.gov

Fermilab Employees’ Arts and Craft Show, May 1-June 2,Wilson Hall gallery (second floor crossover).Reception May 9,2003 from 5pm - 7pm.During the reception the Fermilab Singers will perform.

Join your fellow Fermilab employees,8 am to Noon the 4th Saturday of every month (we will meet on May 31st due to the Memorial Day weekend)at the Lederman Science Center as we work to revive areas by clearing away non-native brush to encourage native woodland flowers and trees to grow.The diversity of plants will continue to expand …with your help.Call Barb at ext.3199 for more information.

The Department of Energy ’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory will host the next Virtual Ask-a-Scientist on June 5,2003 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.Central Time.Physicist Mike Clements, of Fermilab ’s DZero experiment,and Tunnel Engineer,Chris Laughton,of Fermilab ’s NuMI- MINOS experiment,will respond to questions live online.

Website for Fermilab events: http://www.fnal.gov/faw/events.html


The membership drive of Fermilab ’s Friends for Science Education ended with three winners in a “Figure with Fermi ”contest,where contestants estimated the number of food items in three containers,and won the contents of the container. The correct answers all related to statistics describing Fermilab ’s education programs. There was a twist:Each answer required a multiplier for the number of items in the jar. The winners:

How many schools have participated in our programs since 1995 (malted milk balls)?
Winner:Kathi Luedemann of Laboratory Services Section figured 800 (a straight estimate).

How many hits does the Education Office website www-ed.fnal.gov get per year (peanuts)?
Winners:Alex Chen of Beams Division and Russ Rucinski of Particle Physics Division guessed 6,000,000 (multiplier:10,000).

How many students have participated in our programs in the last year (buttered popcorn)? Answer:22,000.
Winners:Yuenian Huang of Technical Division and Chris Jensen of BD guessed 20,000 (multiplier:20).

Week of May 9-16: Tevatron set a new integrated luminosity record with a level of 9159 nb-1

Fri.,May 16: Antiproton Source sustained a new record stack-rate of 13.35mA for one hour at 2:52 PM.

Sat.,May 17:At 3 PM,Operations established Store 2555 with a new record initial luminosity of 44.895E30.

The informational brochure “Quarks Unbound: The New New Physics ”received a Golden Trumpet Award from the Publicity Club of Chicago at its annual awards banquet Friday,May 16.According to the citation,Golden Trumpet Awards are presented for outstanding achievement in public relations,and honor the individual achievement of public relations and other communications professionals.www.publicity.org


June 14,2003;$17 ($9 ages 18 and under)
“Lavin knows how to keep her audience guessing thinking and laughing at the same time ” -The Washington Post

In Christine Lavin ’s smart and funny theatre/concert you hear the soundtrack of American life:its people (Strangers Talk to Me);preoccupations (Making Friends with My Grey Hair);realities (I Was in Love with a Difficult Man);inanities (What Was I Thinking?);flutters (Harrison Ford)and hard facts (Looked Good on Paper).An award winning singer/songwriter/guitarist/comedienne,she has recorded and released fourteen albums of original material,sings her own and others ’songs on three disks of the “Four Bitchin ’Babes ”(a group she founded,nurtured and performed in during the 1990 ’s),and has put together and produced eight compilations showcasing the works of dozens of singer/songwriters.From her award winning songs to her adroit comedy and twirling batons,Christine Lavin is an original.

July 19,2003;$18 ($9 ages 18 and under)
“It ’s always a good thing for a performer to leave an audience howling for more.But she is such a startlingly brilliant player/performer you have to wonder whether even too much would be enough.” –Halifax Herald

Emerging from the thick of the traditional music scene,the fiddling and step dance vitality of an April Verch concert is a breath of fresh air.Though she has deep roots in the fiddling of her native Ottawa Valley in Canada,April ’s broad repertoire features traditional and contemporary tunes ranging from French Canadian to Appalachian,from Bluegrass to Celtic,and Brazilian to Old Time, not to mention her own colorful compositions.No matter what you call it,April ’s music is beguiling in the way it brilliantly balances contemporary élan and traditional resonance.This young musician is highly sought-after,not only for her master fiddling, but also for her virtuoso Ottawa Valley step dancing.April ’s award-winning performances of this dynamic,high-energy form of dancing never fail to bring the house down.

August 23,2003;$20 ($10 ages 18 and under)
“Corky Siegel ’s Chamber Blues –Classical Music, elegant and precise,marries the loose and passionate blues in this utterly winning musical program.”–The Austin Chronicle

For almost four decades the defining cultural arts critics from Rolling Stone,Stereophile,Down Beat, Billboard,Jazziz,New York Times,and Washington Post have all recognized Corky Siegel as a “phenomenal virtuoso on harmonica...a deftly accomplished genius of the Blues ”and a pioneer who brings his original award-winning benchmark compositions to delighted audiences globally.New fans and longtime followers of Corky ’s blues career have been quick to embrace his freshly innovative, genre-busting Chamber Blues.

Chicago singer/songwriter Bonnie Koloc joins Chamber Blues for a multi-media event titled “Bestiary ”which features some of Bonnie ’s original artwork and songs.Koloc is often considered,along with John Prine and Steve Goodman,as one of Chicago ’s top three singer/songwriters.

Tickets for all Fermilab Events are available now. For further information or telephone reservations, call 630/840-ARTS weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Additional information is available at www.fnal.gov/culture.

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