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Volume 26  |  Friday, May 9, 2003  |  Number 8
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Hot and cold smoke, 3-D glasses, early-birders, tree-planting, butterflies, a buffalo roundup and more —Fermilab staff, users and their families celebrated Earth Day and Daughters and Sons to Work Day on Thursday, April 24.

- Photos by Fermilab Visual Media Services

3-D glasses allow a view of the Virtual Reality of the CDF detector.
Early morning birders view the sights in Fermilab's Main Ring. Father and daughter Jim Zagel and Cara Zagel, 9, team up for tree planting.
Owen Crawford, 7, gets the inside scoop as Don Hanson describes his role as herdman for Fermilab's American Bison. Jerry Zimmerman demonstrates some super cool magic in his Cryo Show.
SMILE: Kids and adults gather for the annual DASTOW group portrait on the front steps of Wilson Hall.
Fermilab's firefighters deomstrate how to put out a car fire. Don Hanson, describes his role as herdsman for Fermilab's American Bison.

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