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Fermilab Arts and Craft Show May 1,2003 to June 2,2003. Open to all Fermilab employees,visiting scientists or graduate students,retired employees, contractors and any member of his or her immediate family.Questions??Contact 630-840-6825,Georgia@fnal.gov.

Registration begins March 1. Deadline is March 28. A lottery drawing is held March 31 for acceptance into the camp. Information can be found in the Recreation Office, WH15W, x2548, x5427 and on the Recreation web page at http://fnalpubs.fnal.gov/benedept/recreation/dependent.html.

Fermilab offers several golf leagues that begin play in April.Everyone is welcome to join one or more of these leagues.Anyone at Fermilab can play:men and women,beginners and seasoned veterans,lefty’s and righty’s,etc.There are five different leagues,and they meet on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings.For details,visit our web site at http://mccrory.fnal.gov/golf.

NALWO (National Accelerator Laboratory Women ’s Organization)cordially invites Fermilab women to a Low/Fat Russian Cooking Demonstration and Tasting/Luncheon,April 4,2003, 10:30am at Chez Leon in the Users Center; please contact Sue,x5059 or mendel@fnal.gov for more info http://www.fnal.gov/orgs/nalwo/030404Cook.htm

The Fermilab Folk Club will present two outstanding barn dances in March.Fred Campeau and Friends play Sunday,March 9 at 6:30 p.m.with calling by Spider Vetter.On Sunday,March 16 at 2 p.m.,traditional midwest fiddlers Dan Gellert and Lynn “Chirps ”Smith will play and Dot Kent will call.Barn dances are held in the Warrenville Community Building and feature traditional square and contra dances.Admission is $5 for adults,$2 for age 12-18,and free for under 12 years old.Come with a partner or without;bring the family or not.For more information contact Dave Harding (x2971,harding@fnal.gov)or Lynn Garren (x2061, garren@fnal.gov)or check the webpage at http://www.fnal.gov/orgs/folkclub/.

“The next Virtual Ask-a-Scientist will be on Wednesday,March 12 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Central Time.Ryan Patterson and Jennifer Raaf, both of Fermilab ’s MiniBooNE experiment will answer questions live online. For more information,go to http://www.fnal.gov/pub/inquiring/virtual/index.html .”

Website for Fermilab events: http://www.fnal.gov/faw/events.html


    Fermilab Employee Performance Recognition Awards,presented by director Michael Witherell on Feb.17,2003,to:
  • Mike Church (ID 07480N)BD-DH-Headquarters Staff
  • Cons Gattuso (ID 08022N)BD-Main Injector Dept
  • Dave Johnson (ID 04214N)BD-Main Injector Dept
  • Ioanis Kourbanis (ID 09037N)BD-Main Injector Dept
  • Paul Lebrun (ID 06058N)CD-Computing & Engineering for Physics Applications
  • Dave McGinnis (ID 08040N)BD-BS-Antiproton Source Dept
  • Shekhar Mishra (ID 08870N)BD-Main Injector Dept
  • Stephen Pordes (ID 04663N)BD-DH- Headquarters Staff
  • Vladimir Shiltsev (ID 11340N)BD-BS- Tevatron Dept


  • Jim Fisher,ID 11993,TD Headquarters, February 28. DEATHS
  • Jack Lockwood,ID 270,Accelerator Division, EE Support (ret.),October 1,2002.
  • Jerry R.Reeder,ID 9921,PPD-Mechanical (ret.), February 21,2003.
  • Jim Schiltz,ID 1775,Chief Accounting Officer (ret.), February 27,2003.


Dragon’s Tale: Nai-Ni Chen Dance
March 8, 2003
Tickets- $19 ($10 ages 18 and under)
Bringing to life the culture and traditions of China, this full-length family show leaves children mesmerized at each enchanting, astounding dance, and adults equally caught up in the magic of it all.

Quartetto Gelato
April 5, 2003
Tickets - $21 ($11 ages 18 and under)
As the engaging innovators of a fresh approach to classical music, Quartetto Gelato has won the hearts of audiences worldwide since their remarkable 1994 debut season.

Orquesta Aragon
May 10, 2003 Tickets - $26 ($13 ages 18 and under)
Fermilab is pleased to provide a rare opportunity to see one of the most influential groups in Cuban music.

Tickets for all Fermilab Events are available now. For further information or telephone reservations, call 630/840-ARTS weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Additional information is available at www.fnal.gov/culture.


8 p.m.,Friday,March 14,2003 - Tickets $5

Mapping the Heavens: The Universe Revealed by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Joshua Frieman,Fermilab and the University of Chicago
A panoramic tour of the SDSS project:from the novel technological innovations it incorporates;to the beautiful images of galaxies,nebulae,stars, and other objects it has produced;to the new understanding it has given us of these varied phenomena.The presentation will include a virtual `fly-through ’of the 3-d map of 250,000 galaxies, providing an unprecedented view of the vast structures —clusters,filaments,walls,and voids — that extend throughout the Universe.

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