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Volume 25  |  Friday, December 20, 2002  |  Number 21
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Fermilab Colors Fly West

by Tom Mead, SLAC Public Affairs

In a graphic display of collaboration,one building at SLAC is “flying ”the Fermilab colors. Emblazoned on the west-end double doors of Building 128 in the research yard next to End Station B gleams the recently painted orange-circle-on-a-blue-field Fermilab graphic.The paint pattern is from Fermilab and is seen on the majority of their research buildings.

The impetus for this graphic display here at SLAC is the fact that Fermilab is a strong partner in the NLC Collider program and is currently building accelerator structures that will be installed in the NLCTA.SLAC,in turn,is a strong partner to Fermilab,as are other HEP labs around the world,in that SLAC has sent a team —Marc Ross,Jim Sebek and Till Straumann — to lend a hand in the effort to get Fermilab’s Tevatron accelerator operating closer to capacity.

NLC summer student Matthew Sorgenfrei did the actual painting in July. He is a recent graduate of Gunn High School and its Robotics Club,which is supported, in part, by SLAC.

B128 is now referred to as “Fermilab West” as a small nod to the paint job and to the fact that the continued support of the multilab collaboration is critical to the success of the project.While it is actually only paint on a door,it is, symbolically, a strong statement about the camaraderie of the collaborative effort.

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