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Website for Fermilab events: http://www.fnal.gov/faw/events.html

The next chat will take place Wednesday, October 9, 7-9 p.m. Central Time. Don Lincoln, an Associate Scientist for Fermilab’s DZero experiment and Jocelyn Monroe, a researcher for Fermilab’s MiniBooNE experiment, will respond to questions live on-line. Further information at http://www.fnal.gov/pub/inquiring/virtual/

NALWO cordially invites all Fermilab women to the Annual Autumn potluck luncheon,noon at Chez Leon. http://www.fnal.gov/orgs/nalwo/lunchoct.html

Universities Research Association (URA)awards a number of scholarships to children of regular, full-time Fermilab employees,on the basis of SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) scores. High school seniors are reminded to sign up for a fall testing date if they have not already taken the test.Scholarship candidates must be high school seniors who will begin a four- year college degree program next fall.The maximum amount of the scholarship is $3,500 for tuition and fees,and is renewable for four years for students in good academic standing.Applications are available January 1 through March 1.Scholarships will be awarded in early April. Questions about the program may be directed to Jeannelle Smith, Human Resources, Mail Station 124, x4367.

Russian State Chorus
October 26, 2002
Tickets - $20 ($10 ages 18 and under)
Known for decades as one of the world’s leading choral ensembles, the Russian State Chorus performs an evening of Russian classical repertoire as well as Russian folk music.

Battlefield Band
November 23, 2002
Tickets - $19 ($10 ages 18 and under)
Inspired by their rich heritage of Celtic music, and fired by the strength of today’s Scottish cultural scene, the Battlefield Band mixes old songs with new material and performs them on a unique fusion of ancient and modern instruments.

Windham Hill’s Winter Solstice
Featuring Liz Story, Will Ackerman, and Samite of Uganda
December 7, 2002
Tickets - $25 ($13 ages 18 and under)
This collection of Windham Hill artists features pianist Liz Story, guitarist and Windham Hill founder Will Ackerman, and percussionist Samite of Uganda.

February 8, 2003
Tickets - $17 ($9 ages 18 and under)
Libana is now in its 23rd season of researching, performing, and celebrating songs, dances, and instrumental music of women from around the world.

Dragon’s Tale: Nai-Ni Chen Dance
March 8, 2003
Tickets- $19 ($10 ages 18 and under)
Bringing to life the culture and traditions of China, this full-length family show leaves children mesmerized at each enchanting, astounding dance, and adults equally caught up in the magic of it all.

Quartetto Gelato
April 5, 2003
Tickets - $21 ($11 ages 18 and under)
As the engaging innovators of a fresh approach to classical music, Quartetto Gelato has won the hearts of audiences worldwide since their remarkable 1994 debut season.

Orquesta Aragon
May 10, 2003 Tickets - $26 ($13 ages 18 and under)
Fermilab is pleased to provide a rare opportunity to see one of the most influential groups in Cuban music.

Gallery Chamber Series
Sunday afternoons at 2:30 p.m.
Three Concert Series - $36p
After a sell-out inaugural season, Fermilab is pleased to again present the Gallery Chamber Series, a set of three Sunday afternoon concerts taking place in the Fermilab Art Gallery on the second floor of Wilson Hall. This year’s series: the Chicago Chamber Musicians Brass on January 26; David Schrader, performing 16th and 17th century music for the Clavichord and Italian Harpsichord on February 16; the Scholars of Cambrai, an ensemble of two lutes, soprano and tenor, performing music of the Renaissance era on March 23.

Tickets for all Fermilab Events are available now. For further information or telephone reservations, call 630/840-ARTS weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Additional information is available at www.fnal.gov/culture.


For luminosity: by the Fermilab Tevatron, Tuesday, Sept.24, 2002, achieving a peak luminosity of 30.2 E30 inverse square centimeters per second (30.2 x1030cm-2sec-1), a measure of the collision rate of protons and antiprotons inside the accelerator tunnel. This all-time luminosity record followed a record-breaking weekend. On Saturday, Sept.21, Fermilab accelerator experts had achieved a record luminosity of 28.5 E30. Two subsequent stores of protons and antiprotons, on Sunday and Monday, also approached that brand-new record, achieving luminosities of 27.6 E30 and 28.1 E30, respectively. Before the milestone weekend, the all-time Tevatron luminosity record was at 26.4 E30. The Run I record, achieved in 1995, was 25.0 E30. The Tevatron also set a new Run II record for the total number of collisions produced during a single week (Sept.15-22), with an integrated luminosity of 4.8 inverse picobarns (pb-1), close to the Run I record of 4.9 pb-1. Fermilab’s Antiproton Source also set records: on Sunday, Sept.22, an antiproton production rate of 12.1 milliamps per hour, leading to the production of approximately 120 billion antiprotons in an hour. This record was immediately surpassed Sept.23, with a stacking rate of 12.4 milliamps per hour. For more information on the Tevatron’s performance,please check http://www.fnal.gov/pub/now.

Interactions.org, a new high-energy physics email news wire developed and maintained jointly by Fermilab and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in Menlo Park,Calif. The free service will function as a source of timely information on high-energy physics,including press releases and news items from the world ’s high-energy physics laboratories.A related web site will archive press releases and newsworthy stories. For more information,or to receive this new electronic subscriber news service,visit the Web site at: http://www.interactions.org

As head of Fermilab’s Computing Division: Vicky White (ID 02263N,CD-Computing Division Office), effective Nov.1, 2002. Said Fermilab Director Michael Witherell:“Vicky White has played prominent roles in all aspects of high-energy physics computing both in this country and at CERN and brings a wealth of management experience to the position.” White succeeds Matthias Kasemann, who is joining CERN as head of LHC computing.

  • Fermilab Employee Performance Recognition Award:to Steve Wolbers (ID 06807N,CD-Computing Division Office).Fermilab Director Michael Witherell presented the award to Wolbers,the deputy head of CD,“for his continuous excellent performance and leadership of the Computing Division,especially during the time of transition in management.”
  • 2002 URA Scholarships,to: Eric Bowden (Mark Bowden,CD/ESE),University of Kansas,Computer Science; Hilary Christian (David Christian, PPD/EPP), Johns Hopkins University, Political Science; Paula Fischler (Mark Fischler,CD/Comp.Physics),University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign,Experimental Psychology; Amanda Freeman (Jim Freeman,PPD/CMS), Western Michigan University, Industrial Design –Engineering; Elisabeth Harding (David Harding,TD/Eng.& Fab.),Cornell University, Hotel Administration; Lisa Kallenbach (Jeff Kallenbach,CD/Comp. Physics),University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Elementary Education; Matthew Lackowski (Tom Lackowski,FES/Eng.), Purdue University, Electrical Engineering; Elizabeth Marriner (John Marriner,Beams Division), University of Southern California, Film/Cinema; Kiyoshi Martinez (Victor Martinez,PPD/EE), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Materials Service Engineering; Patrick McCluskey (Elaine McCluskey, FESS/Engineering), Northeastern University, Civil Engineering; Elisabeth Pordes (Stephen & Ruth Pordes,BD/Headquarters & CD/Computing Div. Office), Georgetown University,Pre-Med.; Katherine Schmidt (Eugene Schmidt,CDF/PPD),Pepperdine University, Undecided; Martha Skup (Ewa Skup,PPD/TC), University of Michigan, Psychology; Megan Smedinghoff (James Smedinghoff,BD/Controls), Williams College, Undecided (considering Math); Yun Wu (Jinyuan Wu,PPD/EED), Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

  • National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist: Alicia Seifrid (Karen Seifrid,LS-VMS-Audio Visual,and Peter Seifrid, BD-BE-RF & Instrumentation). The 16,000 national semifinalists will compete for 8,000 Merit Scholarships next spring.
  • As co-spokesperson of DZero: Gerry Blazey (ID 03909V,Northern Illinois University); succeeding Harry Weerts (ID 03176V, Michigan State University).
  • Arnold Knauf (ID 8195 TD- Engineering & Fabrication), effective October 31.

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