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Volume 25  |  Friday, June 28, 2002  |  Number 11
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Poster Session

New Perspectives 2002

Fermilab’s Graduate Students Association sponsors a poster session each year during the Users’ Meeting, sponsored by the lab and by Universities Research Association, Inc. New Perspectives also carries the endorsements of the American Physical Society and the Division of Particles and Fields. Graduate and undergraduate students present their work in talks, and in displays—which always attract a good crowd on the second afternoon of the Users’ Meeting, accompanied by refreshments.

Neutrino-Nucleon Scattering in BooNE and the Spin ofthe Proton / David-Christopher Cox, Indiana University KTeV Search for K_L . pi (0) mu (e) /Angela Bellevance, Rice University Beam Halo Monitoring at CDF / Muge

Fermilab Director Michael Witherell presented the George Michail Memorial Poster Awards for 2002 to: Muge Karagoz Unel, Northwestern University, “Beam Halo Monitoring at CDF” (first place, $250); Angela Bellevance, Rice University, “KTeV Search for K_L . pi (0) mu (e)” (second place, $150); and David-Christopher Cox, Indiana University, “Neutrino-Nucleon Scattering in BooNE and the Spin of the Proton” (third place, $100).

CMS PMT Test Station / Ugur Akgun, Firdevs Duru, University of Iowa MiniBooNE Overview / Kiril Datchev and Jocelyn Monroe, Columbia University
PMT Tests and Performance in the MiniBooNE Experiment / Justin May, University of Michigan Karagoz Unel, Northwestern UniversityAn Explicitly Radiation-Hard Radioactivation-Free Fast-Gas Cerenkov Calorimeter /Mark Kane, Iowa State University

The poster award is named for George Michail, a student from Greece who graduated from Harvard and was working on his Ph.D. thesis at Fermilab. He was interested in heavy flavor physics and CP violation in the B-meson system, and for his Ph.D. thesis he worked on a measurement of the “Time Dependent Mixing Parameter of B0-B0bar Mesons” in proton-antiproton collisions. Just before finishing his thesis, in October 1996, Michail died in Chicago from injuries sustained in a head-on car crash with a drunk driver. He was 28.

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