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Volume 24  |  Friday, November 23, 2001  |  Number 19
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Fermilab Arts Series Presents:

The Christmas Schooner

December 1, 2001 $17 ($9 ages 18 and under)

Experience the warmth, love, hardship and resilience of the Stossel family, German immigrants living in Chicago in the 19th century. This original musical tells the true story of a group of hardy souls who braved ferocious winter weather to deliver Christmas trees to the people of Chicago after the Great Chicago Fire. Not knowing if the ship could make it through the stormy weather, or if there was any desire for his cargo, the Captain was met at the dock by crowds of people waiting to purchase trees to carry on the tradition of Tannenbaum. Hailed by the Chicago Tribune as "one of the best of the alternative family shows in the Chicago area," this production, filled with great music and dance, is perfect for the entire family.


Free English classes in the Users' Center for FNAL guests, visitors and their spouses. The schedule is: Monday and Friday, 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Separate classes for both beginners and advanced students.


Chistopher W. Leeman, as Director of the Department of Energy's Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility.

Fermilab physicists Peter Limon and Bill Foster, with Employee Performance Recognition Awards, for their work on the design report for a Very Large Hadron Collider.

Benn Tannenbaum, CDF collaborator from UCLA, as chair of the Fermilab Users Executive Committee.

William Williams, ID 1623, PPD-Electrical Engineering Dept., December 31

Bob Hall (FESS-Services, ID 01346 N), on Oct. 28 following an illness. He was 55. Hall joined the lab in 1971, and was soon placed in charge of the newly organized Roads & Grounds Department located at Site 55. When the grass was cut, the snow was plowed or the roads and parking lots needed maintenance, Hall was the supervisor. He also handled many other responsibilities as they came up, such as agriculture lease agreements, and his efforts and skills helped the lab function as an open site for most of three decades.

Letters to the Editor

Yolanda Valadez To FermiNews:
I enjoyed your article about the introduction of Kerberos to Fermilab. One aspect of the story that you missed was the importance of Yolanda Valadez in implementing the plan of the Computing Division gurus like Matt Crawford. She's the one who gives everyone their cryptocards and helps them set up their passwords. She has enormous patience with all the users who come and say "I've lost my cryptocard" or "I have forgotten my password". It is sometimes amusing to see how much this Kerberos transition has brought the bright minds of Fermilab to their knees. Who picks them up? Yolanda. You could write a very nice human interest piece on her, alone. Another person who has been very helpful is Ann Heavey who has written a lot of the documentation and has given some of the presentations at the brown bags. She never got mentioned in the article. She has been a big help to Yolanda.

Liz Quigg

To FermiNews:
Hello and Assalamu Alaikum. In Karachi, I receive your newsletter every two weeks. I found it great. In the recent issue, I liked the Q & A about particle physics. I also liked reading the special segment about Tim Toohig, the man of Science and Spirituality. I pray to Allah for your success and all the members of Fermilab.

Suhail Yusuf
Karachi, Pakistan

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