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Volume 24  |  Friday, September 28, 2001  |  Number 16
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"We Wish You Strength and Courage"

by Judy Jackson

Untitled Document The tragic events of September 11 have left no part of American life untouched. At the same time, they have underscored our connection to the world beyond our frontiers.

High-energy physics is a deeply international science. For decades, the size and scale of the tools of their trade have drawn particle physicists together in multinational collaborations at the few places in the world where they can find the accelerators and detectors that their research requires. The advent of transatlantic jet travel in the 1960s may have had as much to do with shaping the nature of modern high-energy physics research as the development of accelerator and detector technology. It has made every high-energy physics laboratory a world laboratory.

More profoundly, beyond accelerators and jumbo jets, a common dedication to the understanding of nature's laws that transcends national and cultural differences brings physicists together. In an October 1967 speech, the eminent physicist Victor Weisskopf, former director general of CERN, spoke of this unifying purpose.

"The significance of scientific collaboration," Weisskopf said, "far exceeds the narrow aim of a more efficient prosecution of our scientific endeavors. It stresses a common bond between all human beings. Scientists, wherever they come from, adhere to a common way of thinking; they have a common system of values that guides their activities."

In the days following the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States, the worldwide family of particle physics came together in solidarity and support for their American colleagues. Fermilab received an outpouring of messages from around the world. At noon on the Friday following the tragedy, three minutes of silence marked the remembrance of the victims and their families, not only at Fermilab but also at CERN.

The concluding words of Weisskopf's 1967 speech might have been spoken for us and for our time.

"We must keep the doors of our laboratories wide open," he said, "and foster the spirit of supranationality and human contact, of which the world is so much in need. It is our duty to stick together, in spite of mounting tension and threatening war in the world of today. The present deterioration in the political world is a reason stronger than ever for closer scientific collaboration. The relations between scientists must remain beyond the tensions and the conflicts of the day, even if these conflicts are as serious and frustrating as they are today. The world community of scientists must remain undivided, whatever actions are taken, or whatever views are expressed in the societies in which they live. We need this unity as an example for collaboration and understanding, as an intellectual bridge between the divided parts of mankind, and as a spearhead toward a better world."

Message from the Fermilab Director:

Dear Fermilab Colleagues, Michael Witherell, Fermilab Director Today, Friday, September 14, at 12:00 noon, I ask you to observe three minutes of silence, in remembrance of the victims of Tuesday's attack, in sympathy for their families, and in solidarity with our nation and our nation's friends around the world.

Michael Witherell

From the CERN Director General:

Luciano Maiani, CERN Director General GENEVA-Following the terrorist attacks recently committed in the United States of America, and according to the recommendations of the Council of the European Union, I ask you to observe three minutes of silence Friday, 14 September 2001 at 12h00, as a sign of deepest sympathy for all the victims and their families, and of solidarity with the American people.

Luciano Maiani

From the DESY Director:

HAMBURG-With deepest shock we have seen the totally senseless attack on humans and institutions in the US. Helpless, as anyone is in this situation, we would like at least to share with all of you our deep sympathy. For many years, scientific collaborations have played an important role in fostering the understanding of humans across borders. I hope this spirit will finally win over fanaticism. Please let us know how we can help. In the name of all persons working at DESY,

Albrecht Wagner

From the KEK Director General:

Hirotaka Sugawara, KEK Director General Tsukuba, Japan-Those of us at KEK still do not know the words for how to convey our thoughts and feelings to you after this unbelievable terrorist attack in the USA. The world changed on that day. We are with you in sharing both deep sorrow and in trying to recover from the formidable shock of these events. On behalf of all the KEK staff, I send our sincere sympathy and condolences to the victims, their families and friends. At the same time we hope that no one in your laboratory was involved in the horrible destruction. Our physicists staying in the US under the Japan-US high-energy physics cooperation were found safe. I believe they are not discouraged by the attack but remain devoted to their collaborations.

Hirotaka Sugawara

Protvino, Russia-On behalf of IHEP personnel we express our deepest condolences to all American people in connection with the horrible tragedies in New York and Washington DC. This terrorist attack is against all the civilized world. Please accept our feelings of sympathy and support.

A.Logunov, Director N. Tyurin, First Deputy-Director State Research Center of Russia, Institute for High-Energy Physics

Frascati, Italy-We have no words to express the deep concern and grief we feel for the American people and everyone who has been touched by the terrible events of these days. Our thoughts are with all those who have to find the strength to bear their great loss. From myself and all the staff and collaborators of LNF.

Paolo Laurelli Director, Frascati National Laboratories

Geneva- I 'd like to express to you all my solidarity and that of your sister lab, CERN, for the barbarous attack to America and, in fact, to the civilized word. Nothing can justify what we have seen and what has been inflicted to you. I hope sincerely that none of your people has been involved. Non prevalebunt! (They shall not prevail!)

Luciano Maiani Director General, CERN

Rome-We are all shocked by the horrible attack on the U.S. I wish to express the sympathy of the whole INFN Community.

Enzo Iarocci Instituto Nazionale de Fisica Nucleare

Paris-I was breathless and shocked when I discovered the inhuman news. I was greatly saddened to learn the horrible events that strike America. I assure my great solidarity and my deep compassion to all my American friends. With all these regards, be confident of our faithful and loyal heart. We are on your side.

Bernard Charpentier (former scientific attaché to the French Consulate in Chicago)

Moscow--We express our deepest condolences on the occasion of these awful terroristic acts.

We wish you strength and courage.

Peter BogdanovMinistry of Atomic Energy

Kiltegan, County Wicklow, Ireland-We want you to know that our small country is with you in prayer and in spirit. We have a full day of National Mourning in Ireland (September 14). The entire country will be closed and everyone is planning to go to church at 11.00 a.m. local time. As our president, Mary McAleese, has said: "It's not just a crime against the American people, it's not just a crime against the American civilisation. It's a crime against the very foundations of all our humanity." Keep your spirits high, keep the flag flying. The US may have been hit but it has not been knocked out.

Fr. Michael McCabe

Gran Sasso, Italy-In Italy we are completely shocked. We have just finished an international conference and almost everybody decided to try to be back home as soon us possible. Yesterday we stopped the conference as soon as we knew about the terrorist attacks. We spent hours together watching the news on TV and thinking about our friends and families in USA. I don't know really what to say, it seems a nightmare. All the best for all of you. Ciao!

Roberta Antolini INFN Public Affairs

Protvino, Russia-Please accept my deep condolences in connection with the horrifying tragedies which happened today in New York and Washington. This attack of terrorism is against everyone, and here in Russia we would like to divide among us the pain of the American people.

Nikolai Tyurin Institute for High-Energy Physics

Saigon-We are deeply sad learning about the attack on the World Trade Center and wish to express to you as to all our friends in the States our friendship and sympathy at this tragedy. We pray for all the victims of this attack.

Jean Trân Thanh Vân

Chicago-On behalf of the Government and people of the Republic of China, this Office wishes to express profound sympathy and condolences to the American people, the victims and all those who have suffered in the wake of this national tragedy, and condemnation of the violent attacks.

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office Chicago

Gatchina, Russia-It's hard to believe in what has happened. This tragedy is a shock for all us. Today our hearts are with the American people. We feel and share the pain with you.

Olga Khrapovitskaya Foreign Affairs Department Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, Russia

Saigon-I am very deeply shocked by what happened September 11 in New York. It is out of our imagination that man has capacity to do such wicked acts. I want to share your sorrow. I am standing with you and USA in the frontier against terrorists. From Saigon I would like to send you my deep gratitude for many things you did for us.

Nguyen Mong Giao

Moscow-ITEP people have been shocked by the terrible terrorist attack on your country. I can understand your feelings since there were terrorist bombings my own city. I hope that none of our colleagues has suffered in this dreadful event. I also hope that the spirit of collaboration, which is usual in our community, will finally win over hatred and become a standard for the whole world. In the name of all persons working at ITEP,

Michael Danilov Scientific Director, Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics

Torino, Italy-Everybody here is deeply shocked by the news of the tragic events in your country. We feel ourselves so close to you and to all our American friends in Fermilab, E835 and BTeV, in these days of grief. Please accept my personal condolences, as well as those of my colleagues in Torino. With deepest sympathy.

Ezio Menichetti INFN-Torino

Novosibirsk, Russia-Here are our deep sorrows on the occasion of the tremendous tragedy befalling the U.S. nation, a tragedy of the whole modern world. Please accept our most sincere condolences on this frightening tragedy. But life is continuing and we have to do as much as we can for the success of our collaboration, as our best contribution for improvement of this imperfect world.

S. Skrinksy Director, and Members of the Scientific Council, Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics

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