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Volume 24  |  Friday, May 4, 2001  |  Number 8
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A Student's View: Live on the Internet

by Hillary Blanchard

Hillary Blanchard interviews Amber Boehnlein about the DZero detector Finally, all of our hard work has come together. During three intense days at Fermilab we immersed ourselves in an unusual mix: physicists, particles and broadcasting. Overcoming many obstacles and kinks, our four QuarkNet video groups aired our Fermilab experience live on Tuesday, April 24 in a webcast to classrooms around the country. We reached our goal, but we were nervous right up to the last second.

We are uniquely lucky students, living right next to Fermilab, and having the opportunity to talk to physicists, experience life at Fermilab and explore the promises and challenges of Run II. Since we are only a small fraction of the physics students of the world, we have set out to bring the rest here to Fermilab via the Internet. We've packed our Fermilab experience into four 15-minute newscasts for you to watch.

Our webcast conveys the excitement here at Fermilab from the view of a high school student. We present new physics ideas and concepts that could change our understanding of physics, science, our world, lives, and universe. We hope that anyone watching our videos will appreciate the research being done here at the lab.

Please tune in and enjoy your personal trip to Fermilab, touring its grounds, seeing its achievements and meeting its physicists.

See you then!

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