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Volume 23  |  Friday, October 6, 2000  |  Number 17
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Correction: DZero IS just another pretty detector

From last issue's Talk of the Lab: "Not just another pretty detector..."

"CDF gets on the cover of the physics equivalent of Vogue Physics Today".

"Not DZero. DZero looks like a big metal tank. The kind you might find buried beneath your corner gas station. An off-white metal tank. What happened? Did they run out of high-gloss paint when they got to the detector across the ring? "

"True, DZero has wonderful, wonderful things inside: beautiful trackers and solenoids and chambers and calorimeters gorgeous calorimeters and silicon. Fantastic stuff. And true, as your Mom told you in junior high, it's what's inside that counts. Absolutely. No question. But when was the last time you saw DZero on the cover of anything? (Sure, FermiNews, but that's like making the cover of your Mom's photo album. She loves you no matter what you look like.)..."

From Lawrence Berkeley Lab theorist Bob Cahn:
I think DZero was, in fact, on the cover of Physics Today. If I remember correctly, the cover showed the endcap calorimeter, an LBL project.


From DZero founding father, Paul Grannis:
Ferminews was waiting when I came home... looks nice, but have not had a chance to read yet. But re your `Not just another pretty detector' article (which looks fun), have a look at Physics Today Dec. 1990 cover photo!



And finally, "For the mothers of DZero collaborators" from Fermilab theorist Chris Quigg, courtesy of modern desktop graphics:

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