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Volume 23  |  Friday, August 4, 2000  |  Number 14
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Though it probably matters more in Pittsburgh than anywhere else, there is a difference between ýMelonţ and ýMellon.ţ Both spellings were used in the table of physics students who participated in research at the Tevatron fixed-target program (ýEducation: Right on Target,ţ

FERMINEWS, Vol. 23, No. 12). It is to the credit of your softwareˇand, I daresay, a relief to the members of the Mellon familyˇthat ýCarnegie Melonţ was not considered identical to ýCarnegie Mellon.ţ A ýCarnegie melonţ is a hypothetical menu item that IÝve not yet been able to convince a local club to adopt.

A more cynical or suspicious person would be tempted to think that you had made this error intentionally, as a test to see if the president actually reads your newsletter. I do, and I think itÝs very well done.


Jared L. Cohon President Carnegie Mellon University

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