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Volume 23  |  Friday, March 24, 2000  |  Number 6
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International Film Society

Friday March 24

Life is Beautiful (LaVita e Bella), Ramsey Auditorium, Wilson Hall 8:00 p.m. $4.00. Dir: Roberto Benigni, Italy (1997) 114 min. Guido uses comedy to create an elaborate fiction to protect his young son from the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps.

Art Series Presents:

Saturday March 25

8:00 p.m. Musicians from Raviniaís Steans Institute. Ramsey Auditorium, Wilson Hall. Tickets are $15. This performance features the strongest musicians of 1999ís institute performing in a chamber ensemble with faculty member and violinist Miriam Fried.


NALWO is pleased to announce the free morning English classes in the Usersí Center for FNAL guests, visitors, and their spouses have been expanded. The new schedule is: Monday and Thursday, 9:30am - 11am beginners (Music Room) and intermediates (Library) Monday and Thursday, 11am - 12:30pm advanced, emphasizing pronunciation and American idioms (Music Room)

NALWO coffee for newcomers & visitors every Thursday at the Usersí Center, 10:30-12, children welcome. In the auditorium, International folk dancing, Thursday, 7:30-10 p.m., call Mady, (630) 584-0825.

Barn Dances

All dances are taught and people of all ages and experience levels are welcome. Admission is $5, children under 12 are free (12-18 $2). The Fermilab Folk Club sponsors the dance. For more information, contact Lynn Garren x2061 garren@fnal.gov or Dave Harding x2971 harding@fnal.gov, or see http://www.fnal.gov/orgs/folkclub/



Rick Coleman, ID 05374, Beams Division, Fixed-Target Run Coordinator; and Mike Syphers, ID 04748, Beams Division, Run II Studies Coordinator; with Fermilab Employee Recognition Awards, for their work in successfully managing fixed-target experiments simultaneously with Run II accelerator upgrades, during the labís recently-completed (and final) 800-GeV fixed-target run.

Lab Note

Call for Volunteers

Interested in giving some of your time to help out with Daughters and Sons to Work Day (DASTOW 2000) at Fermilab? You can volunteer as a Mentor, and spend an hour with two or three kids telling them about your job, the lab, and science. Or you can help with organizing and staffing the dayís many activities. The date: Thursday, April 27. Call Judy Treend in Public Affairs at x3351, or e-mail treend@fnal.gov.

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