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Volume 23  |  Friday, February 11, 2000  |  Number 3
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Talk of the Lab

by Mike Perricone

Get the picture?

We had a sneaky feeling that FERMINEWS would win some kind of nomination for an Ig-Nobel Prize somewhere along the line, after our story about 1999 Nobel Prize winners Martinus Veltman and Gerardus `t Hooft (see "Nobel '99: A Strong Vote for Electroweak Theory," FERMINEWS, V. 22 N. 24, Dec. 17, 1999).

Sure enough, we got that Ig-Nobel nomination right up frontˇfor our cover, featuring the pictures of 42 winners in particle physics over roughly the last half-century.

Even though we placed as many pictures onto the cover as we could, intending the photomosaic as an art and design element and not as a list of record, we raised hackles throughout the field by leaving out a few faces from the cover whose owners were listed in the article.

We didn't mean to slight anyone. Honest!

But to cover our gaffes on this cover controversy, we now present the identities of the AWOL physicists. They areˇ

Not so fast: They're part of a three-part quiz.

Click picture to see blow up of the cover page
Ferminews cover December 17, 1999

Part One: Identify the five left-out physicists, the Nobel Prize winners in particle physics whose photos did not appear on the cover.

Part Two: Identify ALL the physicists on the now-infamous FERMINEWS cover, in the order in which they are shown (left to right, top to bottom). For a closer look, check the world wide web at: http://www.fnal.gov/directorate/public_affairs/ ferminews/ferminews 99-12-17/fmi.html

Part Three: Identify the winner whose field wasn't particle physics, who wasn't listed in the article, and who should not have been on our cover in the first place.

Click here for the answers ,(no cheating, now).

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