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Volume 23  |  Friday, February 11, 2000  |  Number 3
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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I was surprised to read Drasko Jovanovic's Letter to the Editor (FermiNews, Volume 22, Number 24) in which his disappointment was registered with regard to Dick Lundy's being referred to as an "engineer."

Having cut my teeth in the business of engineering in support of science with the likes of Lundy and Jovanovic while a member of ANL's ZGS HEP Experiment E1 team and as a participant in subsequent HEP- related activities, I learned that successful scientific undertakings require the close, coordinated, and cooperative efforts of scientists, engineers, technicians, and support personnel. It has always remained clear that the scientists were the visionaries and the source of science trust, and that the contributions of the engineering staff were critical in achieving the intended science objectives. This synergistic relationship has been confirmed and reinforced repeatedly over the years in my meanderings through the national labs while participating in scientific endeavors whose acronyms include HEP, OTEC, MHD, SMES, HTc, SSC, APS, SNS, etc.

Being associated with Dick Lundy both professionally and personally over the years has been for me been both an opportunity and a source of stimulation. In fact, at his retirement celebration, I had the honor of bestowing on him the title of Honorary Fermilab Engineer and of presenting him with the traditional engineer's cap. I know that even now in retirement, Dick continues vigorously with his engineering endeavors.

It was also of interest to me that the same issue of the FermiNews featured an article on the highly coveted Nobel Prize. It should be noted that Alfred Nobel, the founder of the Nobel Prize, was an engineer.

Sincerely, Ralph C. Niemann Downers Grove, IL

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