Open House Tours & Activities

[Wilson Hall] Wilson Hall, Fermilab's main office complex and signature building, will be a hub of activity for the Open House. Activities include an introductory video, science lectures, 15th floor Visitor Area, Ask the Dr!, and more than 10 information booths explaining different lab activities, including safety at Fermilab, environmental restoration and management and the arts series. Click here for more information on Wilson Hall activities.

Take home a hands-on activity for an atomic mystery model. The Lederman Science Center has many hands-on exhibits that explore the science and technology of Fermilab. During the Open House, your family can also explore family-oriented science software and learn about prairie insects. The Center is recommended for families with children age seven and up.

The Margaret Pearson Memorial Trail is series of trails which wind through the restored prairie and include a loop through the Big Woods. Here you can see, smell, and carefully touch the types of plants in the prairie, as well as see or hear birds and other animals. The .5 mile "inner loop" is designed to be accessible to all visitors and will take about 20 minutes to walk. For visitors wanting a more challenging hike, there is a 1.2 mile "outer loop" trail.

The Accelerator Walking Tour will explain the various stages of proton acceleration through the use of mural size photos and computer animated graphics. Your visit will follow the route of the proton beginning at the source and walk you along the Linear Accelerator gallery. Fermilab personnel will be on hand along the route to answer questions.

At the Neutron Therapy Facility, an oncology nurse and a physicist will explain the treatment of cancer using the neutron beam. Literature will also be available.

The Main Control Room personnel will demonstrate how the world's most powerful accelerator is computer controlled.

[lunch] Fermilab will serve a picnic-style lunch, plus snacks, for a nominal cost. The food tent is located in the parking lot west of Wilson Hall.

[Main Injector]

Board a bus and see the Main Injector and Recycler, Fermilab's newest accelerators. You have the option to visit the tunnel, stay on the bus, or visit the display area and ask a scientist a question. To visit the tunnel, you will descend 60 stairs and walk about 1,000 feet while viewing a variety of accelerator components. This portion of the tour ends in a display area where you will have the opportunity to ask a scientist a question while you enjoy a refreshing lemonade. You will board the bus again and take a ride around the Main Ring Road where your bus guide will point out areas of interest while you enjoy the scenery and wildlife.

The bus will stop at D0, an experimental building, which you may wish to visit. This bus will then return you to Wilson Hall.

[D0 Central] D0 Collider. As part of the Fermilab Open House on September 13th, you can participate in a tour of the D0 Assembly Hall where the D0 detector is undergoing modifications for an extended run in late 1999 or early 2000. Click here for more information.

[Feynman & Wilson Hall] A tour of Feynman Computing Center will offer a number of activities to show visitors how computing is used in High Energy Physics. Among the activities at the center, visitors will be able to tour the sophisticated computing facilities, see how virtual reality can be used in HEP, explore the World Wide Web, create their own Web page. Click here for more information.

[CDF detector] Visit the B0 Assembly Building for the Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF). See work going on to upgrade CDF for the next run of the Fermilab Collider. The CDF tour includes views of the 3,000 ton central detector, the free standing 30 ton central muon detector extensions, posters on detector components and physics projects, a video of the central detector being moved, and computer event displays. Click here for more information about CDF.
[Industrial Complex] The Technical Division will offer a cryogenics demonstration and tours of the magnet development areas.
[Experimental areas] The C bus stops at several Fixed Target Experiments and a facility used for R&D (Research and Development) of sophisticated components for detectors.

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J. Nicholls (August 1997)