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Main Ring Lake

This site is a restricted area and is currently not open to the public.

This lake is connected to the cooling water of the main ring moat. When the Tevatron accelerator was in operation the lake stayeed open longer in the winter than any of the other large lakes on site. Consequently, it used to be the best location on site for overwintering waterfowl. In the early spring Common Mergansers and Common Goldeneyes accumulate on the lake just before dusk and can often be seen performing their courtship displays. . It is a very good spot for waterfowl in general as all five geese species and nearly all the duck species that have been recorded on site can be found here most years. As the ice breaks up in the early spring this can also be a very good area to check for the more unusual gull species that can be found in the area. Not surprisingly, this lake has produced an impressive list of rarities including: Trumpeter Swan (2016), Black Scoter (1997), Long-tailed Duck (2004), Red-necked Grebe (1994), Iceland Gull (2001), and Glaucous Gull (2002).

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